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1- A Spilt BeerCan Goblin.
2- A male or female who has to Hang a Sign for alcohol or drug money.
3- A male or female who use recent trespassing, DOC, and theft tickets for identification purposes.
4- Decaying away with time.
5- A male or female who use there Staff infections, and the fact that they will Detox from alcoholism to stay out of jail after committing a crime.
6- A term used by Loss Prevention / Security personnel to quickly identify a person who may attempt to take a bath in the customer bathroom sink, use his dirty hands to eat from the bulk food bins, Panhandle customers, and steal anything that cannot be purchased with a food stamp card.
7- TransAnt
1-"I couldn't use the bathroom because some Spilt Beer Can Goblin just washed his balls in the sink before me."
2-"That fucking transient is comming over to my window with his sign. I hate stopping at this light."
3-"Here this has my name on it. My ID was stolen."
5-"I have a infection on my foot and I just shit my pants, please don't take me to jail."
6-"There's a transient comming in the front door."
by SHP April 17, 2005
A Transient is a demon that dwells within the shadows of worlds who's home world is co-existant with our own known as The Shadow Realm. It is large with a dark grey skin and jet black eyes. They can fly, and are known to work for a highger power in the Shadow Realm.
Oh my God what's happened to Jon!?!?

That thing isn't Jon. That thing is a Transient. A being of pure evil.
by Raymond Knowby December 03, 2008
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