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What Would Satan Do?

Also sometimes used as:
WWLD:What Would Lucifer Do?
WWBD:What Would Beelzebub Do?
WWDD:What Would the Devile Do?
and the ever popular WWTCBD:What Would That Capitolistic Bastard Do?
I thought of opening the door for her, but then I looked down at my bracelet and thought, "What would Satan do?". So, I slammed the door in her face and bit the heads off all of the lab rats.

So Billy came over and asked me to dance, I thought about but then I looked at my bracelet and thought, "What would Satan do?". So, I said no and then set the school gym on fire!
by Xenoglyph October 29, 2003
Acronym for "What Would Superman Do"?

It's a lot easier than trying to figure out what Jesus would do, possibly more violent, and comes with a lot less guilt.

The ability to take the moral high ground, without having to bring religion into it, like a total douche.

A blanket excuse to rationalize violence.

You should make a bracelet that illustrates it, with
W W (Superman Logo) D ?
"So this little drunk guy, who I outweigh by 125 pounds, pulls a knife at starts swiping it all over the place. So I'm thinking, "what would Superman do?", y'know?"
"I punched him in the throat, grabbed him by the ankles, and swung him into an oak tree, cracking about 5 ribs"
"Truth, justice, and the american way, my friend"

My landlord is a thief and a criminal, for the way he abuses my rights as a tenant. I ask myself "W.W.S.D.?", so borrow 4 jacks form the auto shop down the street, rig them together with some wood, and tip his trailer over, while he's in it."
"I dunno, that sounds more like "what would Macgyver do?""
by Crazy Savages February 09, 2010
WWSD, is an acronym for “What would Santa do?” It is something you ask yourself when you need guidance.
"Pizza or burger? Think. WWSD? Eureka! Pizza burger... I wish I'd thought of that."
by Darts'un December 15, 2013
What Would Scooby Do?

Seen on many bumper stickers, this is a parody of the phrase "What Would Jesus Do?"
I looked at the wallet on the ground and asked myself, "WWSD?" I stuffed the thing in my pocket and went to buy some Scooby Snacks.
by lullabelleno December 07, 2005
What Would Sugar Do, in tough situations you just gotta think how would Sugar Tits deal with this??
Person 1: "I really don't know whether to wear this dress to the BDSM threesome with my boss is it too short?"
Person 2: "Dude no dress is too short just think W.W.S.D?"
by Sugar Cube #4 July 11, 2013
In other words it is an acronym of What Would Satan Do?

"I don't know what to do."
"I guess he would kill and pillage people."
by DJ Dan April 24, 2008
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