What Would Snooki Do?
Kelly: WWSD?
Hallie: Um, she'd dance on the boardwalk by herself.
Kelly: Than that is what we shall do!
by hcochr21 March 05, 2010
An acronym for What Would Scooby Do

Use in times where bravery and courage are needed.
Person 1 - Holy Shit!! There's a creep carrying a body bag and throwing it into the back of his windowless van.
Person 2 - This looks like a mystery. Let's go!
Person 1 - No fuckin way.
Person 2 - Come on... WWSD?
by Tmh3 July 23, 2009
Acronym for "What Would Suze Do" (as in Suze Orman, personal finance guru).
When I think about using my credit card to buy things that I can't afford I should always look down at my "WWSD" bracelet to remind myself that Suze Orman would tell me to stop that the thought and keep the card in my wallet.
by Dean Wallace August 25, 2008
What Would Scorsese Do?

like what would jesus do, but of course in reference to martin scorsese.
travis bickle: man, should i shoot that pimp?
wizard: i dunno man. wwsd?
by Mr. Your Friend Anthony November 09, 2010
What Would Sonny (Barger) Do
WWSD-Sonny Barger's Quotes:

* "For a certain kind of chick, it was an honor to get fucked by a bunch of Hell's Angels."

* "You got your Red Wings by eating a girl on her period and your Black Wings by eating a black girl."

* "We go out of our way to make sure the women who either go out on runs with us, visit our clubhouse, or just associated with us feel 100% safe. Touch a Hell's Angels' old lady and you risk the wrath of not only the member but the entire club."

* "Everywhere the Hell's Angels went, we'd outdrink, outfuck and outfight everybody"
by Sir Howeird FVV January 19, 2010
Acronym for What Would Scofield Do? Refering to the main character of Prison Break.

Generaly used when either a moral or ittelectual decision must be made, and/or a correct or elaborate solution has been made.
I locked myself out of my car and thought, WWSD?

It was a WWSD moment and I...
by DOD21 May 26, 2008

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