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WWDD-What Would Doobie Do?

A strong, sweet, brave high schooler who passed away from head injury in a car accident unintentionally joined all of the community together, showed us how to be strong, showed us how valuable life is, how special each and every one of us are, and how we all can make a difference. He showed us how to be spirited, and see the good side. So each time you're down...ask yourself...WWDD?
Person 1: I'm feeling really down...
Person 2: Why?
Person 1: I'm in depression, not feeling the best...
Person 2: .........WWDD?

Person 1: Thanks for enlightening me! :)
by InHonorOfNickDoub January 10, 2011
What Would Dexter Do
Dexter the Showtime series main protaganist, basically how would he kill his next victim...W.W.D.D.
by BW9 December 08, 2008
What Would Dumbledore Do?
As in, if Dumbledore were here, what magical words wisdom would he have to save us all?!

Harry: the death eaters are closing in, quick, think!
Ron: I dunno mate, W.W.D.D.?!
by annasapple February 23, 2011
What would Dumbledore do?
Wizard #1: Ah! An evil sorceror is attacking our village!
Wizard #2: Oh no! W.W.D.D.?
Wizard #1: WTF?
by brandon hendrickson September 30, 2005
What would Ditka do?
When faced with any of life's tough choices simply think to yourself W.W.D.D. What would Ditka do?
by da Bears October 17, 2005
when you aren't sure if your actions will resolve the issue at hand, you call for WWDD because we all know that discovering "What Would Daniel Do" will resolve all issues, no matter how big or small.

A question one would ask themselves when faced with troublesome times, a riddle of any type or a technical issue.
I'm unable to drive my car because it is filled with rabid raccoons and covered with honey, I must ask myself "WWDD... What Would Daniel Do"
by That1girl_ July 10, 2015
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