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The nicest girl in the room. Everyone is drawn to her because of her beauty and her radiance.
That girl is such a Hallie.
by stargleam December 05, 2008
a girl who gets along with everybody and always tries to be in a good mood. she can be quiet and shy but she can also be loud and outgoing. this is a girl who doesn't like to share her feelings with a lot of people and doesn't talk about her problems that much. she always seems to keep things to herself. but other than that she is a great girl to be around. and she is also very pretty but doesn't think so.
Have you seen that girl, Hallie?
by weird01 October 26, 2011
she is the most amazing and selfless individual. to know. someone would be lucky to meet someone as amazing as her. she is the light of my life. she is so beautiful everyone is drawn to her because she shines with her amazing personality
i wish i could get an amazing girl like hallie
by rocky17 July 01, 2010
A wonderful person inside and out. If you happen to meet a Hallie you should thank your luck stars that you even got the chance to look at her. She loves the Academy is... and Jack's Mannequin. A Hallie will sometimes fall off her chair when laughing and will most likely roll on the floor. She sings like an angel and can be politely asked to sing for you. She's an amazing friend and is also a beautiful person.
"Hey have you seen Hallie?"
"Yeah she's over there on the floor laughing and rolling around."
by NingaWildebeast January 01, 2012
The most beautiful girl alive-usually an incredible singer with a rockin' sense of style. Lights up the room with her personality and smile.
Erin-God I'm having so much fucking fun!
Sarah-Yeah cause Hallie is here!
by EmHwSs April 29, 2011
This girl has a shinning personality in the inside and outside. She can be fun, crazy, random, but also very shy and outspoken. She doesn't share much of her feelings and is generally quite reserved. She is the most selfless individual you will ever meet, putting her friends before herself. She will be there for you even if you treated her poorly in the past. She doesn't think of herself as beautiful, but little does she know that she is one of the most gorgeous people whom everyone is drawn to for her politeness, charm, and beauty. She will know exactly who is lying and telling the truth. She usually has valid points for being upset. She just keeps on going and never gives up on whatever life throws at her. She strives for what she wants and doesn't give up until she is there. Hallies are the most amazing friend you will ever have, you just have to treat them right and like no other.
Who is that girl?

That is Hallie, enough said.
by Annnonymous Person August 26, 2014
also referred to as "the hallie" is a type of awkward dance, where one flails their arms around and tries to look like a sexy foreigner, but ends up looking super twisted.
Everyone at that party was doing the Hallie. They must have all been super wasted.
by pinkandbluee May 01, 2011
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