"What the fuck!" It's just another way of saying "what the fuck" in a situation that's necessary.It's usually used in a character's thinking bubble in cartoons.
"Look at that horse with the fucked up leg!"
-... W.T.F? ... Damn that's nasty!
by Tugboats June 03, 2006
What the fuck.
wtf is that, a halo?
by Spauk May 20, 2003
Where's The Food
Mom: Pizza is still in the oven
Me: Oh :o
by Littletiger1991 July 08, 2011
Usually misunderstood as "what the fuck", real purpose of this word is to welcome guests in Finland, "Welcome to Finland"
David: Nice to meet you, and wtf.
John: What? I'm leaving.
by David Odd December 30, 2010
1.Welcome to Facebook
2.What the fuck
1. boy: wtf dad!
dad: WHAT DID YOU SAY!?!?!?!?
boy: wtf, welcome to facebook.
dad: Oh, well ok son.
2. boy: wtf is wrong with you?! That's a hobo your trying to give fake money!
by No Sh*t Sherlock December 15, 2010
1. A vulgarity meaning, 'What the fuck??' Used to express bewilderment, anger, and/or any other emotion.
2. World Tae-Kwon-Do Foundation.
3. Any of the numerous sites (or phrases) that have sprung up, with accidental (some intentional) name coincidences.
2. The WTF has its own regulations.
3. Wednesday Thursday Friday
by VjiaoBlack November 08, 2009
to express extreme disagree
-Isn't my baby soo cute??
-No, he sucks.
by AZ4life January 31, 2009

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