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When you're trying to flirt with a really, really hot girl (or guy if you're a chick, which would be unlikely) and then cut a fart that everyone around you hears.
E.G. you flirt, then you fart and fail at the sad and miserable attempt.

(other forms-past-Flarted-present-Flarting(or) future-he is going to flart)
Man:Hey Karen!
Man:I love your dress, you look soo hot in it.
Man:*farting noize*
Man: oh shit..I think that was shit...
Karen:...uhh...*makes pretend cell phone ring tone noises*
Karen: sorry, that's my mom, my grandma just died! I'm going home now.
Snide asshole: fuck...you flarted...you suck man..you suck.
by IKilledTheParty February 19, 2010
Now becoming more and more popular with many serial killers, cadaveball is a growing sport wherein one takes their dead body (cadaver) and sections it up, removes the head, thereafter places the fingers or limbs in a set up, and rolls the decapitated head in order to knock them down.

a maximum score of 20 (for fingers and toes) and 30 points coined to each limb, for a total point set of 140.
it is a serial killer's goal to strive for a perfect 140, so they will kill until it is reached. then they will laugh with glee as they are obtaining a lethal injection.
Grave robber: shittt! now I have to go find a new one..I only scored 70 off of that cadaver I got in the cemetery, grave robbing.
Serial killer: meh...I've only reached 120...this sucks. I'm ready for prison now! I'm really hating cadaveball.
by IKilledTheParty February 19, 2010
A common understanding that this acronym means:

"What The Fuck" but in reality, this actually means:

"Wow, That's Fantastic!"
Man:Dude, I did your mom last night.

Man#2: Wtf!

Man: ur mom, dude!! hahaha.

Man#2: I know...Wtf...

Other guy who just walked in: 'Wow, that's fantastic'? what's fantastic?
by IKilledTheParty February 20, 2010
This occurs when some poor asshole attempts to grift you
and you know...you just know. So you decide to play along, then after a while you decide to BS them, and when they do their grift, you take off with their cash, your cash, their girlfriend, and their car.
Guy:Want to play some russian roulette?

Guy#2: sure, how many bullets in the gun?

Guy:ummm...1 *loads 6 into all chambers*

Guy#2:okay, how much money to the winner?

Guy: hundred bucks, you first *hands gun over*

Guy#2: *shifts out bullet before firing gun* dude, your turn.

Guy:Shit...He did a grift shift...*BANG*
by IKilledTheParty February 21, 2010
A term used to tell someone to chill, go commit suicide, Smoke something, or take an ice shower.

Commonly said to a friend as in a joke-as in one person says No u, directly after someone says it.
Guy: ugh I fucking hate my life!
Guy#2: Just..Go Ice Yourself.

Guy:Fuck I'm so fucking pissed, fuck you, fuck the world!
Guy#2: Go Ice Yourself man, the tent you're starting to pitch is fucking nasty.

Guy:Go Ice Yourself.
Guy#2:No u.
Guy:No U
Guy#2:NO U Fucking bitch, I'll ice ur mom too!
by IKilledTheParty February 21, 2010
When some lame asshole thinks that if they post something overly-glorifying their boyfriend/girlfriend in a definition on UD to a point that the flattery makes you want to puke.

This is often done in an attempt to obtain a blowjob from a girl, or a bigger commitment from a man such as a wedding ring.
This, in reality is a misconception, for they're too damn stupid to hide it enough, or to even read what makes it on, and what doesn't.
"Jessica katey"

Definition: Oh my God she's the hottest girl on the earth, she's more beautiful than any goddess, and has a nicer ass than jessica alba.She is such a hot girl and she is totally sexy.

Example: She's hot, and I want to be with her forever :)

Guy editing: Fuck this shit is lame. screw this Incognito Bs, sad attempt at getting sex. Screw Jessica katey.
by IKilledTheParty February 19, 2010

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