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stands for woe misery and shit (abreviation!!)
Fiona: "how's life?"
Emily: "WMS

Emily: "your face is WMS"
Fiona : 0_o
by giantpenguinsuit November 10, 2009
Wise Mule Syndrome: A condition in which one cannot stop being a smart ass, regardless of race, culture, situation, alcoholic content, or media. While the contemporary social view is that clinical sufferers of this condition are choosing to be a smart ass, it is in fact, medically impossible for them not to be without the proper medication. If you encounter someone who has been diagnosed with WMS the proper response is to either back away slowly, or laugh at everything they say as the are inwardly sensitive and self-conscious. And awesome.
"I apologize for equating your bust to water balloons during my speech at your wedding reception last night. I suffer from WMS."
by iolympian February 16, 2014
Wild Monkey Sex - having wild and crazy sex like monkeys.
Dennis and Megan are going to have wms tonight!
by trcagl April 20, 2011
Wank ma shite. A vastly popular insult used mainly by angry men slumbering in a mid 20s crisis.

Invented in Clydebank circa 2003
"Did you just steal ma patter ?"


"Wank ma shite ya muppet !"
by gaping munt March 01, 2004
Swiss German Chat abbreviation:
wms? ="wa machsch so?"

German: "Was machst du so?

more short: "wm?" = "wa machsch?"

wms ist more friendly or more pleasant than wm.
English: "What are you doing?"
wms? = wa machsch so?

wm? = wa machsch?
by hpsk April 26, 2010
Weapons of Mass Stupidity
MTV, VH1, CNN, and C-Span are all examples of WMS. They try to push bullshit into our lives and turn us into perfect little drones. Well, I'm sick of it! Screw the Corpoliticals!

- Any KULT/KBM member
by Macavity November 01, 2003
Weapons of Mass Seduction. A lady's mans' arsenal for attracting women. From high-end suits, to expensive jewelry, man-tan, cufflinks, scarves, belts, shoes, coats, ties, lighters, and hats. This draws attention to ourselves and shows off our attention to detail.
Sean: How you pullin' that fine booty?

Nicolas: Thats all thanks to my WMS.

Sean: What?

Nicolas: Look it up.
by nicolas parker December 16, 2007
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