Something that all the adults in The Peanuts (Otherwise known as Charlie Brown) say. Why they don't speak english, and why the kids can understand them, the world may never know.
Charlie Brown: Teacher, can you explain #7 again? I don't get it...

Teacher: Wah, wah wah wah wah, wah wah.

Charlie Brown: Okay, thanks!

by Guinny May 03, 2007
The feeling of being majorly depressed, sad, or lonely.
"Sorry, I don't know what's gotten into me..." "Are you wah?" "Yeah, I guess..."
by Mandybear January 08, 2004
I never knew there was such a word!
by ---- March 03, 2003
An expression or verb used when someone has been owned
"dude I totally wah'ed on jack today when I disproved his theory":person 1
"oh wah":person 2
by blahla March 05, 2008
A geek completist hidin' behind a wall of crass demeanor.
Hey give that back. You already have a copy of that. You're such a Wah.
by Leith DuVall January 13, 2005
A beer bong, recognize motherfukers.
Have a wah man. Wah, I did a wah.
by Menger October 17, 2003
big air in the snow, phat dance moves and generally anyting cool
I'm gonna pull some wah!
by daniel August 24, 2003

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