relating to or talking of a males genitilia
person 1: "did you see that?"
person 2: "see what?"
person 1: "that mans wah"
person 2: "that was the wahiest wah i have ever seen"
by the wah man September 24, 2011
What a Hoe
That girl was talkin to every guy in class and touchin him. WAH!!
by chick4real April 15, 2010
Something that all the adults in The Peanuts (Otherwise known as Charlie Brown) say. Why they don't speak english, and why the kids can understand them, the world may never know.
Charlie Brown: Teacher, can you explain #7 again? I don't get it...

Teacher: Wah, wah wah wah wah, wah wah.

Charlie Brown: Okay, thanks!

by Guinny May 03, 2007
in the U.S. Navy a phrase used to express mock sympathy, basically meaning "too bad" or "poor baby" (in a sarcastic way). Also known as "wah-fucking-wah".
George: Can I borrow some money for lunch today? Over the weekend I got blitzed and bought sex with a skank. Now I got no cash to pay off my credit card bill.

Joey: Wah!
by Starpunk November 14, 2006
A wah is a person of Arabic origin who has decided to move to a predominately white populated area
Asian Man- H H H H H Helllo
White Man - Egh get back ya WAH!
by DOMGORMAN May 13, 2006
1. White And Hairy. 2. A trailer-dwelling skater punk computer geek from the desolate region of Maine. 3. See also
The WAH is wahsome, indeed!!
by Wahfan November 14, 2004
is the sound that babies makes and/ or especially young, immature, italian men from burlingame/ foster city california. Basically just acting like a baby or as a child
"No i dont want to be you girlfriend you wah"
"Wah Wah...why not? I am in love with you"
"Wah Wah go cry about it"
by Rhonda Kathryn August 16, 2007

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