a sound made by Kirkles when playing soccer
When I kick a shoccer ball I shay,"wah,wah,wah,wah,WAH! Ah,AWW!"
by jarvis October 01, 2003
eashing my shon's pain!
Come here shon, I'll eash your pain! Wah!
by My Dad! October 01, 2003
an intelligible gibberish word used by the family Kirkle
Wah! My dad hash a huge wah!
by Jashon Kirkle September 30, 2003
I'm thirsty, give me some wah!
by Nick Rexroth July 03, 2002
exclamation to show ones delight at someone elses misfortune. useful when someone sips over, or has some other comedy accident.
"beth just fell on her arse in front of everyone - WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH"
by Uncle Phil July 19, 2003
Something really cool, or something really sick.
Wah, that's wah.
by Menger October 17, 2003
word i started using for chinese people while working in s.f. chinatown...they say it what seems every other word, but not one of them can tell you what it means
hey wanna see something funny? watch this wah try to parallel park his honda
by Ddoug November 05, 2006

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