Evil villain in Harry Potter. For a long time he wasn't human, because his use of many a Horcrux. Not many people know this, but properly pronounced "VOL-de-more." You know, the French way.
Harry Potter Fan: "Hey guys! Voldemort hates Dumbledore! He's afraid o' him er something!
by Marty Potter August 14, 2005
A seriously mental dude who happens to like torturing and killing little children. Likes to make harry potter unomfortable with suggestive script lines and giggles about it later,yet still wishes he could have GAYMANSEX with said emo kid.
Harry Potter: "Holy SHIT! Sirius just pulled a Voldemort on me! That was NOT his wand in his pocket!"
A villain whose primary goal is to kill children, but still for some reason or another fails to succeed.
"And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those meddling kids!" -a Voldemort
by TheLordoftheDance October 29, 2008
the sourse of all evil.
seeDick Cheney
thanks to voldemort, 2600 american soldiers are dead.
by Jonathan Holmes September 06, 2006
The main villain in the Harry Potter book and movie series (although in the movies, they make Professor Snape a bit of a villain as well). His real name is Tom Marvolo riddle, when re-arranged spells 'I Am Lord Voldemort'. So far, he has tryed to kill Harry Potter 5 or more times.
The wizarding families are so afraid of him that they do not use his chosen name, refering to him as 'He Who Must Not Be Named'.


1. Voldemort is a parsle tongue... he can talk to snakes
2. Voldemort went to Hogwarts, harry's school
3. Voldemort tried to get work at hogwarts
4. Voldemort killed harry's parents
5. Voldemort is getting very pissed off cos he hasn't killed harry yet.
6. I suggest you read the harry potter books if you havent already.
Voldemort is evil
Voldemort will be dead very very soon...
I hope you like harry not voldemort
by QueenAmonWoo July 12, 2006
One of the most notorious villans in the history of villans. Mostly known in the wizarding world as You-Know-Who or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. killed for the better part of 11 years untill a tiney boy of no older than one year of age reflected the Avada Kadavra curse back upon him thus rendering him with no body just a piece of a soul. returning to power from the blood of the boy previously mentioned as well as the bone of his illegitmate muggle father Tom Riddle and the hand of a loyal servent. known to cause chose just about enywhere for no other reason than he can. pretty much he is the biggest bully of them all and the only way to stop him is to unnecessarily kill various people such as Tonk, Lupin, Fred, and Hedwig. Oh and i'm sure when he regenerated his body his penis didnt come with it so all the havoc is just a compensation.
"that You-Know-Who voldemort is a scary guy!"
by 14elmo June 06, 2009
Richard Ireland is Lord Voldemort.
"Dude look at him, he totally looks like Lord Voldemort!"
by Bemby December 10, 2007

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