Richard Ireland is Lord Voldemort.
"Dude look at him, he totally looks like Lord Voldemort!"
by Bemby December 10, 2007
Before ejaculation during oral sex, whisper in a low and monotoan voice to your partner and then while climaxing cast evil spells on her while jerking your genitals too and frow as if you had a wand in your hand.
I got the nickname of Voldemort when I tried to cast dick spells on the unfortunate creature Shelby
by SeAhOrSe RiDeR:P:P:P:P:P(*) June 22, 2009
Villain from the Harry Potter series. He is a dark lord, but contrary to popular belief, he is not THE Dark Lord. He has nowhere near the power or terror of Morgoth Bauglir or Sauron the Abhorred. He is also a total pussy when compared to Darth Sidious, Darth Vader, or frankly any darth.
Teenager: Voldemort is the greatest villain of all time!!!
Twentysomething adult: Yeah, sure he is....
by klopek007 February 21, 2010
a reeely scary girl hu looks like samara from the ring and speaks to fast and breaths funny and stares att ppl in maths lessons
mina: aggrrrr my scar ....voldemorts staring at me!
*dussy gets into fits of hysterical laughter and cant controll herself and nearly gets kicked out of maths*~
by dussylu November 28, 2004
When a woman grabs a box of altoids ( or peppermint of choice) and proceeds to insert them into her mouth and vagina while she continues to blow you.
Holy shit bro, lastnight Jenny was so drunk she pulled a voldemort on me! Who knew altoids could be so good!
by hacura585 March 01, 2015

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