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V: When a girl wipes semen off of her face and onto an article of clothing leaving the impression of her face on the article.
Friend 1: Hey man whatever happened to your M*A*S*H* Apron?
Friend 2: Oh, i busted a nut on your moms face and then she totally voldemorted it. Naturally, i had it framed for my private collection.
by Ricky Lahey July 15, 2011
1 9
Voldemort is a sexy bitch with skelitol features! <3 I bet he's really kinky too. He's the evil guy from Harry Potter who hates muggles like you.
Oh hell no! Voldemort stole my ipod!
by Sadistic Voldemort November 16, 2005
179 198
Tom Marvolo Riddle, the Heir of Slytherin and founder of the Death Eater faction. He will either kill or be killed by Harry Potter.
Voldemort is a seriously evil wizard.
by Korora November 16, 2003
224 243
a fake person - two-faced - exactly like He-who-must-not-be-named himself.
"She's such a Voldemort. Bitch."


"Fucking Voldemort!!"
by a9k1 May 18, 2010
24 44
The greatest villain of all time. Lord Voldemort also seen in Harry Potter. Also a good wizard rock band.
Guy: voldemort is the best.
Girl he sucks.
Voldemort:avada kedavra!!!
by juggalo1533 October 13, 2008
31 54
A.K.A. He-who-must-not-be-named
A.K.A. You-know-who
A.K.A. The Dark Lord
A.K.A. Tom Malvoro Riddle

The main bad guy in the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
Voldemort tried to Kill Harry as a baby, but instead, he almost was destroyed by this act
by Lara October 17, 2003
63 86
Evil villain in Harry Potter. For a long time he wasn't human, because his use of many a Horcrux. Not many people know this, but properly pronounced "VOL-de-more." You know, the French way.
Harry Potter Fan: "Hey guys! Voldemort hates Dumbledore! He's afraid o' him er something!
by Marty Potter August 14, 2005
70 94