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Originating in the Harry Potter book series, this term represents a generic villain, or "bad guy," whose name bespeaks evil to such an extent that it should not be spoken aloud.
I've heard that 'He-who-must-not-be-named' is up to no good again!
by He-who-must-not-be-named? December 04, 2009
1) Harry Potter arch-villain Lord Voldemort
2) Professional wrestler and double murderer Chris Benoit, after the WWE expunged any history of him ever having existed.
After murdering his wife and son, Chris Benoit changed from wrestling superstar into "Chris Who?", "Guy Who Never Existed", or "He Who Must Not Be Named".
by Dwedit April 26, 2013
The evil, nose less man in Harry Potter. More commonly reffered to as "Lord Voldemort" or "You Know Who". he was very evil and killed many wizards, Witches and muggles causing wizards and witches to fear him and his name.
Oh No... He Who Must Not Be Named has killed my fifth cousin twice removed... :'(
by IHeartMuffi January 20, 2012
a) A common way to refer to someone who is undesirable to converse about, basically a filler name for certain individuals.
b) The common nick name of Lord Voldemort form the harry potter novels.
Tom: i can't stand....him..
Bob: Who?
Tom: He-who-must-not-be-named
by M0nty March 29, 2015
Maryland politician, Kirby Delauter
Only "he who must not be named" would be stupid enough to think he can sue abreporter for using his name in a news story!
by rclare January 07, 2015
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