Located in the American southeast, Virginia is the birthplace of the United States Of America. Not to be confused with Tenessee, Virginia is the birthplace of Country music and Southern culture and most of the modern South's populations have ancestors that are from Virginia. The state's first song,which was written by a former slave, was Carry Me Back To Ol' Virginny but is not used anymore due to it's offensive lyrics against African Americans, A second song has yet to be written. The state's flag was adopted during the Civil war to show resistance against the Union North, which Virginians saw as tyrants. The old or ol' dominion is the state's nickname.
Northern Virginians are exactly that and do not identify with Central and Southern Virginia but tend to have more in common with D.C. and Maryland. Northern Virginans for the most part do not have native accents due to most of them being originally from the north and mid-west, some elderly northern virginians will have an accent. Most Central/Eastern Virginans have the famous tidewater accent, a refined faster spoken southern accent and use words such as Hoose for House. Most Southern and South Western Virginians have the Thickest of the Accents which out of state people may have a hard time understanding. Northern Virginia is regionally different being considered the southern most section of the mid-atlantic and will have snow while Central and southern virginia will have rain as well as typical southern plants and palm trees. The state's motto is Virginia is for lovers but Virginia has approved a gay marriage ban, which Northern Virginia strongly was against. Northern Virginia will most likely become it's own state or something of the sort in the future. If you want to experiance American/Confederate history, Virginia is a great place to do it.
Guy 1 - I want to experiance the American history, hmm Maybe Westmoreland, Virginia?

Guy 2 - Yes that's a great place, George Washington and Robert E Lee were both born there!
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by JimBeannn May 26, 2006
A state that has 51% non-native born citizens and losing it's culture quickly due to this, especially in Northern Virginia. Native Virginians don't care if they are in the south(tidewater,central,and west mountain area) or mid-atlantic(Northern Virginia/suburbs of D.C). We care about our own history rather then identifying with the whole south or mid-atlantic. 6 out of 10 people living Virginia were not born there.
Ohio guy - Oh cool so your from Virginia? Tell me about the american revolution and confederacy!

Virginia guy - *laughs* Oh hell no, I'm from New York but I live here, and it's called Northern Virginia not Virginia.
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by SouthernBoyy May 30, 2006
a girl who's very caring and loving to everyone. she's a person who's easily blindsided because she wears her heart on her sleeve. don't get on her bad side though cause she can be crazy at the push of a button. she always willing to help others no matter how bad they treat her. if you find a Virginia keep her close and never do her wrong, because this will beak her heart. and even though she's hurt she's always a very forgiving person.
i need a virginia to help me out. do you need a shirt? just call Virginia. if only i could be a Virginia
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by babygirl11684 March 10, 2015
She is a gorgeous wonder ful girl and nothing will get in her way she is strong like a bull with blonde hair and brown eyes she is amazing and anyone i mean anyone would love to have her she is cute with a little cherry on top and she deserves a lot when you see her walking in the streets all the girls will be jealous except a diamond and all boys will be drooling to there knees she is a virginia
She is to stunning to be around she is VIRGINIA!!
#virginia #gorgeous #diamond #sexy #love
by dontaskfornothing March 06, 2015
A smoking hot Southern woman; typically, a blonde haired blue-eyed bombshell with high expectations, wit and elegance. Known for being extremely smart and mature for her age, she is worth the extra effort to get to know. Commonly amongst her many friends, she's understanding and is constantly putting others first. Loves to laugh, find adventure and really has everything going for her.
If you can keep her, Virginia will be the best thing that ever happened to you.
#beautiful #sexy #babe #fun #witty #smart #sophisticated #well-dressed
by Ontherocks November 25, 2013
Virginia is the most loving and most caring person on the planet, she has an amazing smile beautiful eyes and the most amazing personality. She has an amazing body and dam she got a bigg ASS!!!!
boy: "hey did u see virginia the other day in her tight jeans?"
other boy: "Omg i know i had an amazing feeling in my pants"
##booty ##bubly ##loving ##caring ##yum
by VirginiaKalymnos September 04, 2014
This place has it all. Good dope, moonshine, lots of guns and hard working folks. If you can get over yourself and look past gratuitous flaunting of the rebel flag its a cool place. Most VA residents do not consider NOVA as a part of VA. NOVA is kinda like D.C.'s mentally challenged little sister that spends most of her days locked in the closet drinking fluorinated tap water from a dog bowl. If you want to work hard and peruse the real American dream come to VA. If you want to spend your life in traffic and a pool of wannabe cultural piss move to NOVA.

Sic semper tyrannis
I left Virginia now I want to come home.
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Where the virgins live and the virginas frolic.
College friend#1 "let's go to virginia"
College friend#2 "have you had sex?"
College friend#1 " yes"
College friend#2 "no"
#lions #tigers #cheetahs #cheetah look-alikes #cougars
by El domarino July 04, 2014
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