The name given to the coolest state in the United States of America. Known for its awesomeness.
Person 1: You live in Virginia?

Cool Kid: Yea, I go hard like that.
by vakid February 23, 2011
The first state is mostly filled with good ol' southern folk, with the exception, of some tree huggers in northern virginia, and is known for it rich history. you wont find a giant amount of rednecks, but there is still a good sized amount of confederate flag waving hicks.
Virginia is the first state, and part of dixie.
by Perkins July 11, 2005
Usually blonde hair and blue eyes, she cannot tolerate bad words, unless if she is 13!! Always tan and ready to have some fun. she a sexy beast yes she is soo soo sexy!!!
always am wishing i was a virginia
by vcp123 May 07, 2011
Virginia, where the weather is made up and seasons don't matter.
February 2010: Virginia gets about 2 feet of snow in a matter of a day and a half. The next day, kids were outside playing in the snow in t-shirts because it was 70+ degrees Fahrenheit outside.
by imconfused May 25, 2012
A southern state (with many northern people), that has a little something for everyone. It's a very business-friendly state, and it has a very efficient government. It's incredibly diverse, with people from every background you can imagine. Each city has its own unique flavor, some are southern and poor...some are northern and wealthy. It depends on where you go.
Virginia has the best of everything. Southern charm + efficient government + northern wealth = a GREAT state.
by Iwaslikewhat June 20, 2010
By Far the greatest state in the Union, We got spittin backy, chevys, and 12 gauges for everyone. This is where the South Begins, West virginia didnt seciede from Virginia we kicked those douches out cuz they dun banged their cousins.... Virginia forever, Southern by the grace of god...
"Clayton get in the Caaa"

"this is Virginia, its pronounced Cawr Sumbich
by Virginia206 February 12, 2008
Lets start with N. Virgina. In short a very boring place, trust me I live there. Full of posers who think they have "hoods" or "ghettos" when in fact the cities and counties are some of the wealthiest and safest in the state, though crime is present everywhere 9 out of the 10 N.Virginia thug wannabes have never seen a house get sprayed by a mack they only say they do because they watched Menace 2 Society. MS13 and 18th Street did not orginate here, they originated in South Central L.A. But who would want that only a N.Virginian of course. Full of preppies and poser christian/emo kids. In abundance of wannabe thugs who have houses bigger than shoppings malls and a 3.7 gpa. That is a brief but not complete breakdown of N. Virginia, the list of cons goes on and on. S. Virginia is where it's at. Better in everyway, even though there are a'lot of rednecks they tend to be friendly, and most of the time the people are nice. Though there are rough neigborhoods, but they're not bad compared to other American cities except for Richmond. VA beach is great place to visit (but it doesnt out do the beaches in California) Southern Hospitality is present here and you'll never forget it. All in all Virgina is a good place to visit or live if you want a taste of the South, but stay out of N. Virginia its a place devoid of anything fun, and the audacity the residents have to think they're better than everyone is completely mind boggling.
N.Virginian: I suck at life.

S.Virginian: Don't be so hard on yourself you could always come here....and not suck.
by nativecalifornian December 18, 2006
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