virginia's got a bit of everything for everyone. For the younger population, city night life and malls galore if you look in the right place, and for them older rich republicans, horse farms and quiet country stretches of land in the western part. Personally I would stick to the southeast coast (Va. Beach/Hampton Roads) or NoVa (Fairfax County, Springfield, DC influence) where living for young adults is way more interesting than the corridor of nothingness I endure in the shen. valley.

It's not THAT south here. Especially in the diverse populations inhabiting the previously mentioned places. But some places where you could steer clear of: Southwestern (coal country, unless you like mountain after mountains of it),and south central (no idea what goes on down near danville). Other than those, you could settledown easy in places like charlottesville (voted best place to live in the country a few years ago by better homes and gardens) or williamsburg, alexandria, fairfax. Nice places. Just make sure to hang around the right crowd for you.
Virginia: a real mix of everything. I guess it's for lovers, so just look in the right place for it...
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by Mickgriddle November 05, 2006
Virginia is an American State located on the Atlantic Coast of the Southern United States. 1607 was the year of the first permanent New World English colony, Virginia Company of London.

Interesting facts about “Virginia”

1) The home of the Infamous Serial Killer: Henry Lee Lucas.

2) Where Bourbon Whiskey was invented. I know what you people are thinking, that’s not true. Some insist that it is not a true bourbon unless it is made in Kentucky, but there is no legal requirement that bourbon be produced there and whiskey was actually first distilled in Virginia in the 17th century (Kentucky was part of Virginia until 1792).

3) Richmond is the state capital, and also was the 2nd Capital of Confederacy, then Danville, Virginia. Richmond has also ranked very badly over the last 20 years for its violent crime crates.

4) Seven Presidents are buried in Virginia: Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Tyler, Taft and Kennedy.

5) The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg is the second oldest in the United States, it was founded in 1693

6) Incest is not rampant in Virginia like some say, that’s bullshit. West Virginia on the other hand might have some issues.


8) Over 1/2 the battles fought in the civil war were fought in Virginia, over 2,200 of the 4,000 battles.

9) The fastest growing counties in the United States are in Virginia.

10) Yes, we are the SOUTH. Up-state New York or the Northeast does not have swamps, or cotton fields. The Great Dismal Swamp, Virginia!?!? Virginia had the highest concentration of slaves during the civil war period than any other southern state.

I lived in Virginia.

I now live in North Carolina.

Im moving back to Virginia.
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by zebracakes4325 January 01, 2009
Virginia is typically a brown haired, wise, and mature girl. She can be shy at first but once you get to know her she's really fun and outgoing! She's usually very active and likes to be the center of attention. She is also very romantic and optimistic and very sweet. But if you get on her bad side she will show you up no problem. When she sets a goal in life she strives to achieve it. When she's in love, she'll become loyal and attached, she's not clingy but can be very jealous, but she will not show it unless she has a reason to. She has a great body and loves to go on adventures!
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by hornblower532 June 11, 2013
Virginia is a hot, cute, sexy girl,smart,caring girl and she likes to laugh and fun to be around.Sometimes she is selfish, and sometimes greedy.Typically a blonde haired blue-eyed girl with high expectations but sometimes she could have brunette, or brown hair.She has many friend but shes also popular at school, and everyone looks up to her.
Do you know Virginia?
yes, why?
Because shes the most amazing person you'll know.
#hot #sexy #nice #caring #cute #popular #fun #smart #nice body #selfish #blonde #blue eyes #high expectations
by SunKiss6 December 30, 2010
She doesn't own a dress, her hair is always a mess. You catch her stealing and she won't confess, she's beautiful.

Smokes a pack a day, but wait, that's me, but anyway she doesn't care a thing about that hair, she thinks I'm beautiful.

She never compromises, loves babies and surprises, wears high heels when she exercises, ain't it beautiful.

She only drinks coffee at midnight when the moment is not right, her timing is quite unusual. You see her confidence is tragic, but her intuition magic. And the shape of her body? Unusual

Meet Virginia, I can't wait to
Have you met Virginia?

No, but I've heard the song by Train
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by drops of jupiter September 15, 2010
Virginia : A beautiful name, for a beautiful woman. Virginia means 'Pure', 'Virginal', or 'Untouched' BEAUTIFUL. Virginia is for lovers. Virginia is long for 'Ginger', another name that rings of beauty. Imagine perfect skin and green eyes, with amazing curly auburn hair! That's 'Ginger'.
ME-"I love you"
HER-"No, I love you more"
ME-"No, I love YOU more"
HER-"That's ok, YOU can love ME more"

Me-"WOW, that was such a 'Virginia' thing to say!
#virginal #beautiful #pure #untouched #lovely
by TheOneandOnlyCookieMonster June 19, 2011
super cool girl who loves to have a goodtime with camerass
EX 1: Mann i wish i coulddd be a Virginia !

Ex 2: That lighting in that picture was a total Virginia !
#virginia #funny #cool #camera #picture
by iGiveGoodHeadddddd October 22, 2009
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