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A person with a funny name. Or a person whos parents wanted their baby to remain a virgin for eternity. Possibly a Virgo. A girl virginia/virgina.
Dad: Oh I don't want anyone to spoil her innoscince!

Mom: I have a perfect name!

Dad: ?

by shutupitsclaire March 03, 2009
vagina. (when ur wasted)
im going to vagina w00t. or is it virginia?
by wtfux0rz September 23, 2007
State in the mid-Atlantic region of the USA. Filled with conservative rich, white men who own shotguns and buy the moonshine produced in the rural areas of the state. One of the state mottos is "Virginia is for lovers." This should be more appropriately be changed to, "Virginia is for lovers - SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY."
There are few forward-thinking individuals in Virginia.
by bikehorn January 02, 2005
a vagina AKA vajayjay
Aunt Flo and Uncle Red are coming down from "Virginia" this week.
by VIrginia3 February 11, 2008
the bluebooking queen
When I didn't know how to footnote, I asked Virginia
by oliver wendell holmes August 05, 2003
lots of hics. people hunt a lot. no smart people (except for like 5). people wear forests as jackets. ugly.
"I love you Jenny", famous quote from Forest Gump, is a common accent of people from Virginia
by SmellsPrettyBad March 22, 2008
a chick like Costco-she gives out free samples
get outta here, you virginia!
by CHANES-METS June 23, 2006