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A woman or man that invests a significant amount of time seeking virgins, wooing them and releases them from the shackles of the chastity belt. A real Samaritan.
Police Chief- I have detained a male caucasian, aged between 25-30, suspected of being a.....a virgin!

Brutish Prisonor- I'll see what I can do about it..

Police- No no this is a job for the VIRGINATOR!
by Miss K December 12, 2003
A Virginator is a guy with a special interest for girl's who still are virgins. His only goal is to sleep with a girl who still has her hymen intact.
Ex. one:

John: Damn, that chick is fine!
Rob: Seriously, she's probably like 16.
John: I like them young and fit...
Rob: Man, your such a Virginator.

Ex. two:

Woho! That girl last Saturday was the third virgin I've had this year. They should call me the Virginator.
by Lefsa March 23, 2009
Where someone is about to lose their virginity, normally because they are in a relationship and the next stage in the relationship is having sex. It could be pre planned, prostitution or the time between 3rd and 4th base. The honour is lost after your virginity is still kept after 14 days.
Kiana: So Max when can we have sex?

Max: Next Sunday, my house.

Kiana: Great see you then
Max and Kiana are now virginators
by nolongeravirgin April 01, 2016
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