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1. popey's girlfriend

2. someone tall and skinny
"look at that girl she looks like olive oil"
"what do you mean"
"she's really tall and skinny"
by micheleeeeeeee October 15, 2008
Used to jack off
Did you hear about Jacob?
No what happened?
He uses olive oil.
by brooooooooooo tzatza mdza March 17, 2014
In Portugal this word (which translates to Azeite) is used to describe a rare kind of Fuckboy potentially only found in this country.

Imagine a new race of Fuckboy created by mixing the actual Universal fuckboy with the lack of information found in Portugal's villages.
The result is a person finding about a trend that went out of fashion 5 years ago and wearing it proudly, spreading it with his friends, plus adding Kizomba in the mix, thus creating a legion of Olive Oil(ers) (Azeiteiros) who leave trails of olive oil in their wake.
"Miguel is such an Azeiteiro. Look at all that olive oil."
"You can literally see the olive oil overflowing that room."
"José slipped in Julio's olive oil last week and broke his leg. I'm afraid he'll never walk again."
by 50 25 25 May 23, 2016
Refers to someone being a virgin because "extra virgin olive oil"
I was olive oil until that night with the lax bro
by TrulyShoe May 19, 2016
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