Victoria is a beautiful young lady who is stong and everyone loves her. Shes a daughter, cousin, and everything else..but most of all, my bestfriend. Victoria is someone you can trust and will come to love. Just remember, possitive feelings all the way Victoria, and try not to be negitive.
Oh damnnn, have you seen Victoria todayy??
by sososofabulous February 21, 2010
A girl who is SUPER HOTT and SEXY who likes bruce springstein.
Victoria was walking down the street and I drooled when i seen her.
by Julius Jizz January 02, 2008
a beautiful, crazy person with a spunky personality and loves art and such items. is a total loser sometimes but thoughtful and always there.
Person 1: I could really use a Victoria right now.
by ya mothah August 02, 2011
Victoria is a girl with a cute smile and a sexy body, who is there for you at any point. She's a girl you can trust at your worst moment, and a girl that you have the most fun with.
She's pretty and talented and she extremly perfect.
Victoria is a person with many emotions, but she knows how to handle them. She is a person you can stare at for ages.
she is a person you won't regret spending your time on.
boy1 : you saw Victoria today?

boy2 : ofcourse i did. that chick is so fetch!
by dværgbus. November 23, 2011
A girl who is shy, but very fun. She loves reading and writing, and is incredibly intelligent. This girl is musically talented and so beautiful, but she is very insecure. Most boys find a Victoria mysterious and cute.
Boy1: Hey, what do you think about that Victoria girl?

Boy2: Dude, I've seen her around, she's real cute but I don't know much about her.
by LaLaLa394239 April 28, 2011
That one crazy girl who you decide to talk to because she seems pretty cool. But you soon realize she's perfect for you and you love her for who she is; a brilliant, sweet, funny girl, who can be damn stubborn at times. But at the end of every day you find your self more in love with her than the last. She is perfect and you want to be with her till the end of time.
Victoria is the one. :)
by Mister CatFace April 07, 2013
Victoria has got to be the most ahmayzing girl in the world. Victoria is a name given to the most beautiful, fun, caring, loving, sarcastic, annoying, spontanious girl ever. She's fun to be around, but will cut your head off if you mess around with her boyfriend Bradley. Loves rap music, and dances like a BOSS.
"See Victoria?"
"Yea man, she's so cool she give head with her shades on"
"Whoa, so amazing"
by Drake_Lover_94 November 01, 2011

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