a sadistic little minx who knows how to punish the right people!
victoria fucking dominated nick last night! he had bruises allover!
by sub1593 May 15, 2009
the coolest chick ever. she is pretty much the most awesome friend in the whole world. she is beastly, and you know not to mess with her. she owes me 15 dollars. but she is still pretty ballin.
gosh, she is so awesome.
i know. that's why her name is victoria
by daltonanderson=sex September 14, 2010
an empress of her own world and thoughts

did you see how she acts victoria, that is why she's so succesful.
by drugsmakeyoupretty February 15, 2009
Victoria is a bubbly, and crazy girl. Although her hair color may not be blonde she most defiantly is a blonde at heart. She is convinced that no boys like her but they do, she just hasn't found the right 1. she has a bodacious body, and an amazing smile that drives people wild. A true friend to the end (even when u don't want her around).
have u seen victoria? wow i love that girl
by supergirl04 September 21, 2012
A sexy funny smart short girl who is fun to be around. There is nobody just like her. All the guys want her and she gets what she wants. She is an amazing friend!!!
Victoria is the best
by PrincessYOLO August 08, 2012
A girl who never fails to amaze everyone around her. She is beautiful, funny, fun to talk to, and an amazing friend. She can light up a room with her smile, make people laugh with her corny jokes, drop the jaws of every guy that sees her, and make people fall head over heels for her with her "teehee" and "shucks."
Guy1: "dude, do you know Victoria?"

Guy2: "Which one?"

Guy1: "The one that made you trip over the car, because you werent looking"

Guy2: "...so that's her name..."
by penisniggervictoria July 22, 2010
Capital City of British Columbia, Canada.
population: 300,000
Like the stoned younger brother of Vancouver, Victoria is the kind of place for people who aren't into the go-go lifestyle of big city life.
Victoria is sooo much nicer than Vancouver
by daakadence February 27, 2005

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