A person who drinks blood. In modern times used to either describe
1) a fantasy creature
2) a person who's kind of like a furry, only won't admit that they aren't really what they pretend to be.

In the second case, it's basically a stupid overweight or underweight teenager who blames the fact that they have no friends and can't communicate with another human being on even the most basic of levels on the imagined fact that they aren't human. They go on internet forums and talk about their "awakening" (which is a fancy way of describing the time that they decided to give themselves a name they picked out of a D&D book and start pretending to be a vampire) and talking about how they fed off the emotions of all the people who made fun of them. In some cases they actually drink blood (read: lick their fingers when they get a paper cut) but most of the time they'll opt to pretend to be a "psi" vampire or some such idiocy where they'll claim to feed off of emotions. Sure, there are actual "vampires" who actually drink a lot of blood, but that's because they're either crazy or have some kind of fetish for it, not because they belong to some other race.
Dom claims to be a vampire. He walks around wearing a cape and hissing at people, and if you actually try to talk with him he'll just ineptly stutter about how he's going to curse or feed on you or something.
by TheWalrus October 28, 2007
A reanimated corpse that arises from the grave at night to suck the blood of living people, usually causing their death. Also known as vampyres, these paranormal beings should not be confused with the sad human 'mortal vampire', better known as a renfield, who sucks a mouthful of blood before masturbating.
Dracula was a vampire - unlike those teenage idiots who suck each other's self-inflicted wounds; they are simply renfields.
by Andrew Heenan September 04, 2007
What a lot of preteens/teenagers think they are, despite vampires' nonexistence.
Amy thinks she's a vampire; she says she's a vampire with straight teeth. What a dumbass.
by Keijiro December 07, 2006
one who sucks all the blood out of your body.

if you don't believe vampires exist, check these definitions:
vampire drinks your blood

if you really knew me you'd know what's wrong.

does a lawyer need an example?
by Slunjan July 20, 2008
attention seeking fools who want to feel special. they choose this term because they think it will make them or define them.

its like whiny snot nosed angsty teens who think they know it all, and then decide to term themselves as vampires because it is "cool" or "in"

so a real vampire? basically a real vampire is a woman who marries a guy for his cash to leech him of his money.

another kind of vampire is one who might leech off someone without giving in return.

basically a vampire is a leech from society, not this cruddy blood drinking/ energy draining BS others seem to think it is.

grow up people and wake to what you really are, another human in this world trying to get by, so cheer the %@#£ up and get on with stuff.
a snot nosed why teen who wants to define themselves as something "special" or as vampires
by M.C.Jomar March 30, 2006
Beautiful, pale, creatures with fangs and lots of sex appeal. 'Goth' culture has turned vampirism into a trend which many Satanists practice. They call themselves 'vampyres' to distinguish themselves and get fake fangs fitted in.
The Ruda family are vampyres.
by Shawn February 21, 2005
immortals that seduce their prey, which are humans, and then suck their blood. vamp = one that inhibits a dead corpse; which is why vampires in general have pale skin. the teenage gothic/goth scene has taken vampirism to a humourous and real but trendy level, which is why vampirism isn't taken seriously. ie; vampires aren't real. purely fiction of a demented irishman, bram stoker. but there are and have been murderers that have sprouted tales like dracula and nosferatu and are infamous for biting and/or knifing their victims and draining the blood. i've never heard of an asian vampire.
Tom Cruise.
by andrea June 17, 2004
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