1. Any creature that feeds on another's life source or fluids

2. A parasite

3. Vlad the Impaler
1. one ex: of a vampire is a human being that feeds on blood, energy, or sexual fluids

2. ex: an organism that needs another body in order to survive such as a flea

by Sarah M...227 May 27, 2008
A vampire is a human who feeds on blood (more recognizably human blood): they are better known to be drinking blood at night due to their sensitivity to sunlight.

Vampires use many tactics to achieve blood; mostly by luring their prey into the trap, then taking that swift bite in the neck.

Becoming a vampire is achieved through the transmission of the saliva (venom) from a vampire to its prey. The vampire usually bite on the preys neck.

Anyone can become a vampire: a child, a man and a woman: even the elderly - providing the person was not completely drained of blood.
Once the virus has been transmitted, it will take about three days for the virus to take hold (new organs being made, traits and attributes being modified etc.)
After becoming a vampire you are cold skined, pale, and your eyes have a red tint to them.

Vampires look exactly like a human; just the incisors bring out the change. This works extremely well prior to attacking the victim.

Vampires are portrayed to have weaknesses - garlic (or garlic extracts) makes thier throat and nose begin to burn and thier stomach feels like it just shrivels up and dies. They also get a really bad migraine. Vampires are sensitive to Sunlight. It makes there skin burn. **NONE OF THE WEAKNESSES ABOVE WILL KILL THEM!!**
That person is so pale they could be a vampire.
by Alexander & Roxanne April 05, 2009
A goth person who wants to hook up with someone who isn't a goth.

The intended "prey" of the vampire may either be a one night stand or a committed significant other.
"Sara's new boyfriend isn't goth at all; she's a total vampire."

"Jesse's acting like a vampire tonight because he's hitting on that preppy chick."
by Maxim45 August 07, 2009
A reanimated corpse that arises from the grave at night to suck the blood of living people, usually causing their death. Also known as vampyres, these paranormal beings should not be confused with the sad human 'mortal vampire', better known as a renfield, who sucks a mouthful of blood before masturbating.

Dracula was a vampire - unlike those teenage idiots who suck each other's self-inflicted wounds; they are simply renfields.
by Andrew Heenan September 24, 2007
1. A blood-sucking ghost; a soul of a dead person superstitiously believed to come from the grave and wander about by night sucking the blood of persons asleep, thus causing their death. This superstition is now prevalent in parts of Eastern Europe, and was especially current in Hungary about the year 1730.

2. Fig.: One who lives by preying on others; an extortioner; a bloodsucker.

3. (Zoöl.) Either one of two or more species of South American blood-sucking bats belonging to the genera Desmodus and Diphylla. These bats are destitute of molar teeth, but have strong, sharp cutting incisors with which they make punctured wounds from which they suck the blood of horses, cattle, and other animals, as well as man, chiefly during sleep. They have a caecal appendage to the stomach, in which the blood with which they gorge themselves is stored.

4. (Zoöl.) Any one of several species of harmless tropical American bats of the genus Vampyrus, especially V. spectrum. These bats feed upon insects and fruit, but were formerly erroneously supposed to suck the blood of man and animals. Called also false vampire. Vampire bat (Zoöl.), a vampire, Vampyrus spectrum
1. "A vampire is a mythical creature, meant to scare and entertain the public."

2. "America continues it's growing interest with vampires, the creatures of the night."
by jamies iz da bomb August 22, 2007
Immortal, soulless demon forced to drink blood to stay alive. They have long canines with which they can puncture a human neck to extract blood.

Demonic creatures who live off the blood of humans; a vampire appears to be a normal person until the feed is upon them -- only then do they reveal their true demonic visage.
A vampire. V^^V
by H3r3tic VaMpIrE January 22, 2004
A person who drinks blood. In modern times used to either describe
1) a fantasy creature
2) a person who's kind of like a furry, only won't admit that they aren't really what they pretend to be.

In the second case, it's basically a stupid overweight or underweight teenager who blames the fact that they have no friends and can't communicate with another human being on even the most basic of levels on the imagined fact that they aren't human. They go on internet forums and talk about their "awakening" (which is a fancy way of describing the time that they decided to give themselves a name they picked out of a D&D book and start pretending to be a vampire) and talking about how they fed off the emotions of all the people who made fun of them. In some cases they actually drink blood (read: lick their fingers when they get a paper cut) but most of the time they'll opt to pretend to be a "psi" vampire or some such idiocy where they'll claim to feed off of emotions. Sure, there are actual "vampires" who actually drink a lot of blood, but that's because they're either crazy or have some kind of fetish for it, not because they belong to some other race.
Dom claims to be a vampire. He walks around wearing a cape and hissing at people, and if you actually try to talk with him he'll just ineptly stutter about how he's going to curse or feed on you or something.
by TheWalrus October 28, 2007

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