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At high school there are many different cliques. But not one so interesting as the Vampires. A mix between an Emo and a Prep, the Vampires are the group that dress emo, but are not pure emo. Vampires are also friends with the hardcore emos. Most of them do a sport like cheerleading or soccer. They are straightedge, the main difference between the emos and the Vampires.
emo: man, we need to listen to morrisey and smoke one today.

vampire: oh I wish I could, I have some homework, and cheerleading practice after that =D

emo: well we could go shopping I guess

vampire: SURE!
by RachelleM September 02, 2006
Vampires are real, unlike ghosts, fairies and werewolves, who clearly cannot exist under the laws of physics.

Vampires are as real as the chair you're sitting in. They do not sleep in coffins during the day, because as they are members of the human race, they are not nocturnal and the sun does not kill them. Often times, however, vampires are sensitive to the sun. They have to squint quite a bit unless they have sunglasses, and they may get sunburned much faster than other humans due to their pale complexions.

The vampires do not all necessarily drink blood, and none need blood to survive. The ones who do drink the red liquid probably only drink small amounts given to them by their lover. In that case the blood is seen as a binding gift that lovers exchange as a promise to one another.

There are some vampires that do drink the blood of small animals frequently, but those people are truly deranged and are at risk of getting rabies and other nasty diseases, so I wouldn't emulate them if I were you.

Psychic vampires are the most common, however about 50% of psychic vampires do not even realize that they are sucking the life out of everyone around them. They are so used to being negative or taking their feelings out on others that they cannot comprehend the negative effects their tirades may have on those around them. Some psychic vampires, however, take from their victims intentionally. They get a sense of happiness and well being when they make others around them feel worse. Perhaps you know someone like that? There are many of those types creeping around.

The majority of vampires tend to be romantic and sensitive, but of course there are exceptions as always. Many are artists, musicians, writers; or "right-brained" thinkers. Real vampires tend to enjoy all forms of literature and media that deal with fictional vampires, because they are reading about their own kind. Even though some ideas in books and movies are a little far-fetched, vampires give the artists/writers a bit of slack because stories do have to be entertaining, after all.

Vampires can be somewhat 'Goth' or 'punk'; basically they are not very preppy, as preppy people are usually too happy, tan, logical or "left-brained" to be bothered by things of the underground. Vamps are not always depressed as some people may think, however it is true that they are not afraid to let their emotional side shine through and have a good cry every now and then, or every day if that suits their fancy (I myself am one to cry quite a bit, yet anyone would argue that I am a very happy, upbeat person).

If you truly believe you are a vampire, you should seek help at the 1-800-IAM-VAMP 24 hour hotline, where a qualified vampire counselor will be on hand to help you cope with your newfound identity.

I'm only kidding.
But you will know what you are when the time comes. Being a vampire is nothing to be ashamed of, so embrace it if you are one, and accept the vampires for what they are if you find yourself utterly normal.

Good day, ladies and gents.
I am a vampire, so you'd better believe it.
by Lady Tremaine July 10, 2008
Beautiful, age-old creatures that evolved alongside humans. Pale skinned and incredibly strong. Have been known to leave hand prints in cars by pure accident. If a Vampire feeds on human blood their eyes are blood red normally and black when they are thirsty. Where as if a Vampire feeds on animal blood their eye colour normally is a golden butterscotch colour. Vampires can come out in the day though seem even more beautiful in the sunlight so they prefer to keep out of the public eye when the sun is out. This is why most vampires tend to live in the colder less sunny areas of the world. To become a vampire you must be bitten but left alive. It takes a lot of restrain for a vampire not to take all your blood whilst doing this. Once bitten it takes up to three days for the venom to spread. Time preiod depens on the closeness of the bite to the heart. During this three day period victims are often delirious and not many can remember much of their time except an extremely painful burning. NOTE: BECOMING A VAMPIRE DOES NOT MAKE YOU BEAUTIFUL, VAMPIRES OFTEN CHOOSE EXTRODINARY HUMANS AS THEIR COMPANIONS AS AN INSTINCT, VAMPIRISM JUST MAKES THIS BEAUTY MORE PRONOUNCED.
For the first year of a vampire's life they will be less pale and red-eyed. This is due to the human blood remaining in their veins. Due to the blood new vampires are incredibly strong but this does not mean they are any less thirsty. Vampires cannot have children, A vampires body is frozen in the stae of when he/she was bitten. If a woman was pregnant at the time she would remain pregnant for eternity. Vampires cannot sleep and essentially do not need to breathe though many prefer to as their sense of smell would be affected. Some vampires gain extra senses on changing into a vampire. This is because, like their hearing, smell, eyesight etc, their characteristics are intensified. For Example a particularly charismatic person may gain the abilty to influence peoples emotions or someone who was quite good at reading emotions may be able to hear the thoughts of those around them.
I noticed the new boy in my chemistry class was extrodinarily beautiful. His Butterscotch eyes seemed to smoulder as he stared blankly at his textbook. I thought his name in my head and his eyes flickered to meet mine. I turned away, embarassed..
Little did I know, He and his angel-like family, were vampires
by 384ujrnd January 17, 2007
the creature of the night, the most magnificent of the creatures. most people do not believe in them, they are as real as the fingers on your hands or the nose on your face. yes they survive on blood, but not all, there are psycic vampires as well. they feed off of energy. vampires are the most manipulative of any creature and that is what makes them the most facinating of them all. some may have pale skin and deadly eyes but they are beautiful.
The vampire that i know is my single and only friend who wants me around.
by loathsome child November 06, 2005
Anyone tall, with big lips who doesn't comb his hair. One who always has dark circles under his eyes.
"Joe is a vampire." Said Marlyse to Kaitlin.
by roflvampire December 22, 2006
One who lives his or her life during the night. Most vampires have no morals, and no respect for higher authority. They thrive on having multiple partners and eat out frequently.
You're at a party when all of a sudden your homeboy shows up with a couple of chicks you have never met. "Damn... look who just showed up fuckin' vampire-boy."
by Jonathan Watkins August 04, 2005
A creature of the night featured in the TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Vampires are souless creatures with no conscience, a ruthless killer instinct, and a never ending thirst for human blood. Their lack of a soul or a conscience, coupled with their murderous intent makes them one of the most lethal variety of demon in the Buffyverse.

Vampires are extremely strong in comparison to a regular human being. Their strength is of course, mystical in nature. It aids them during hunting, and is key to their survival. In addition to their incredible strength levels, vampires also possess heightened senses such as smell, sight and hearing. They can also sense fear.

Vampires have only 2 interests: Drinking blood, and killing human beings. They take a great deal of pleasure in fucking people up; torture is a vampire's favourite passtime. A vampire notable for his love of torture is Spike, or "William the Bloody".

Vampires also have weaknesses. A shit load, to be precise. You can kill one by the following methods:

Stabbing that mofo in the heart with a sharp piece of wood after which they will subsequently turn to dust. Pretty hilarious really when you think about it; something as awesome as that turns to basically nothing as a result of being stabbed in the chest with wood. Made me wonder how Angel's friends would react if he died, haha. There would be nothing left of him to cry over.

Making him drink holy water, or alternatively, dipping him in holy water. The resut would be spontaneous combustion.

Cutting his head off, or blowing it off with a shotgun, or slamming it in a car door

Droping him in a box full of crosses

Drop kicking him into the sunlight

Setting him on fire.

Feeding him "The Killer of the Dead": a poison for vamires that kills slowly and painfully in 24 hours.

As vampires are primarily noctural, they only ever hunt at night, except for the ones that have tinted delivery trucks and full body suits. If they do have said suits, they will take advantage of your complacent attitude during the day, and drag you into the truck where you will be gang raped by a bunch of them, and subsequently bitten.

Vampires kill their prey by biting either the jugular vein or biting the arm and drinking the victim's blood till there's nothing left in the body.

Their favourite blood is Slayer blood, which they refer to as "supercharged juice" or "warrior juice". Least favourite is pigs' blood, which funny enough is what the reformed Angel drinks, in stark contrast to his Angelus alter ego, who only drinks blood from the healthiest of humans.

Speaking of Angelus - He is the most twisted vampire of all, currently the strongest (after The Master died), the smartest and the most deadly.

In order to make a human being a vamipire, you have to "sire" him or her. This can be done by drinking his blood, and then letting him drink yours just before he dies. The newly made vampire will rise from his grave at midnight or so.
Notable vampires: Me, Angelus, Darla (fine piece of ass when she's not biting yours off, lulz), Spike, Drusilla, Penn (serial killer vampire), The Master (boring Turok-Han-esque vampire).
by UserOfInternetsLol October 29, 2006