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the only game black people are good at because it envoles shooting,stealing,and running
most basketball players today are black.because what i listed above is all they are good at
#basketball #nigger #sports #ghetto #kobe #ball hoge
by TiTyRon September 20, 2009
ruined by stephenie meyer and her creation TWILIGHT
a real vampire does not/is not:

a daywalker
edward cullen
falls in love with his meal(that being bella swan)
goes to school
sleeps in a bed
make teeny bopper pussys wet
a model for gayass hot topic
has emotions

the lord of darkness
fears the cross
hate garlic
sleeps in a coffin
not gay
does not feal love

only 1 thing on its mind,it being blood
turns into a bat
hates sunlight
has a fancy wardrobe(refer to the old dracula movies)

todays modern vapire is gay in my opinion they can love the prey**cough**twilight**cough**.be out in the day light,listen to ipods,sleep in beds,are homosexual,drivecars,can no longer turn into bats(OMGWTF),are daywalkers,wear urban clothing(this goes to all u fags u clam they're vapires),have sex with humans

thank you so much stephenie meyer,you piece of shit for ruining bram stroker's legacy count dracula aka vampire with your fucking crap shit twilight
#dracula #blood #stephenie meyer #bram stroker #twilight #emo #teeny bopper
by TiTyRon August 21, 2009
the gayest of the gay fish
Guy 1: Do you like Fish Sticks?

kayne west: Yeah!

Guy 1: So, you like to put them in your mouth and chew on them?

kayne west: Of course!

Guy 1: ..So, you're a gay fish?

kayne west: fuck you nigga ima motha fuckin genius niqqa
#gay #homo #fish sticks #southpark #nigger
by TiTyRon April 23, 2009
the only tool from saved by the bell who does not seem to age
Mario Lopez is fucking 36 years old and he still looks like a little kid!!!!!!!!!! ,no joke
i bet when he goes clubbing the bartender still ask's him for i.d
#tool #mario lopez #saved by the bell #mtv #toolbag #spic
by TiTyRon December 08, 2009
GTA IV new downloadable episode on the xbox live marketplace.the ballad of gay tony(TBoGT) takes the role of LUIS lopez (the character we see in the black and white jacket on niko bellic's story mission "the 3 leaf clover" or other words the mission where you must rob the bank with pakie and his brother and where we last see in that one mission where you exchange the mobsters daughter for ray's diamonds).TBoGT IS THE FIRST GTA story where you play as a hispanic character,luis lopez who is a part time hoodlum and full time assistant for tony prince or gay tony.
the ballad of gay tony will be available for dlc on xboxlive marketplace for 1600 microsoft points or 20$ on october 29 2009. and also on cd with the lost and damned(for 40$)on the same date this version will not require gta iv cd to play it but only the dlc version will need it
#gta #xbox 360 #tlad #mirosoft points #grand theft auto #guns #rockstar #liberty city #niko bellic #iv #ballad #dlc
by TiTyRon October 30, 2009
male female lovemaking on film,usualy multiple partners,theme sets(out door,goth)random stranger sex
"porn movie"cinimax after dark,playboy
#dick #3-sums #pussy #cum-shots #double penetration
by TiTyRon January 14, 2009
a show full of wiggers,a bit niggers ,and white trash men who are complete douchebags / tool to their girlfriends.this show on vh1 is basically teaching a whole bunch of assholes on how to become better boyfriends for their partner.this means not treating women like shit(like their gf's) and becoming a better man.i honestly think the girlfriends of the men on this show are fucking stupid bitches because why would anybody put up a asshole boyfriend,have your brother fuck your boyfriend up..at the end of the show only one man wins he wins money,becomes a changed man(well at least thats what we think) and a happier girlfriend.most of the women of the men are also white showing white women are easy and soft
i would like to see all the men of the tool academy have black or latina girlfriends.i wounder if they could dominate them like they do to the white women

one day i would want to find all the men of the tool academy and beat the shit out of them and have sex with their girlfriends in front of them
#tool #tool academy #douchebag #vh1 #stupit #asshole #soft #wigger #whitetrash
by TiTyRon September 28, 2009
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