someone who cares too much about themselves and their appearance
p1: do you like Aaron?

p2: No he is the vainest person that i have ever met
by its me holly b September 24, 2011
When someone is self obsessed to a point where it almost causes body dismorphia. The individual is over complacent and egoist about his pride and feels like he deserves to be that proud ( vain ) about his accomplishments.
Kurt: Diya come check out my abs , can you see the definition in my arms , is there the v shape on my back?

Diya: Kurt you're perfect *stop annoying me * you're always so vain!
by Empress Diya the Great March 05, 2016
A highly underappreciated glam/sleaze metal band. Originated in San Francico in the 8os.
The Vain cd "No Respect" was just re-released.
by mistreatmeright March 31, 2005
A person in love with their own looks. A mind-blowing imbecile who thinks they are way better looking or entertaining than they actually are.
She's so vain, she thinks every guy wants her.
by The Barbaric Machine March 27, 2010
One of the most recognized and well known groups on myspace, known for its "family" like atmosphere and beautiful members. It is run by platinum king blue plastic and has been running for over a year. Its famous members include rikerockstar, carrie rose, nellee flamboyant and cody conceited.
Are you good enough for vain?
by jodyjoyful August 05, 2009
Fucking dumbass who has no personality, judges people by their clothes, and thinks their the fucking best in everything.
That fucking hoe is a vain biatch.
by Jon M. S. June 16, 2003
meaning not yielding the desired outcome, or fruitless...

ok, that does make me feel better... but it seems to be fruitless... cuz i dont think ill ever get the desired outcome
well that makes me feel better... but it seems to all be in vain...
by U KNOW IT January 21, 2006
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