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samuel mckerr ..............the one and only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wheres the mirror
by sam June 11, 2004
A person with no past, a ghost, self-centered, never thinks about anyone else, fruitless, hubris, fool, moron, crack head, looks in the mirror often, vanity, douchebag, loser, bad hygiene, out of touch with reality, has nothing to say.
That aging hippie douchebag who's been divorced twice, has no kids, no career, crack head, who dresses in black and lives on the outskirts of town broke as hell missing teeth is as vain as it gets.
by green22 February 07, 2009
What Vanity Smurf is.
Vanity, you're so goddam vain.
by Gwen Stefani Grrl February 09, 2004