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A person with no past, a ghost, self-centered, never thinks about anyone else, fruitless, hubris, fool, moron, crack head, looks in the mirror often, vanity, douchebag, loser, bad hygiene, out of touch with reality, has nothing to say.
That aging hippie douchebag who's been divorced twice, has no kids, no career, crack head, who dresses in black and lives on the outskirts of town broke as hell missing teeth is as vain as it gets.
#hippie #asshat #moron #douchebag #fool #selfish #ghost
by green22 February 07, 2009
The worst person in the entire world. They do nothing. they listen to bad music. they are a group of passive agressive shady homosexuals who's hubris is beyond the pale to no end. all they do is nothing. they dont work, they drive broken cars, the smoke shitty pot, and basically just wait until they can rip someone off even if it is for $2. they dont drink good beer unless they leech it. whats worse... if for some reason you must be around one or more of them... do not let them make you out to be a scorch - the rest of the world gives back, they never give back, they are the most selfish people in the world... they are passive shady losers. parasites. colonizing dipshits. vocabulary is about 20 words (generous) and the average person uses thousands of words a day, they use one hundred max. they dont get the music they 'follow'. they know nothing about politics. if someone is an intellectual they would not hippy dippie the world up with this obvious sleazy bullshit. hubris. they have nothing to say. loser. drug addict. meth addict. knows nothing about women. does not respect women. often blatant homosexuals. smells bad. thinks petruli counts as total hygeine. rotten or missing teeth. divorced or gay. racist. projecting. evil. stupid. incapable of completing any math problem.
By 2012 all hippies should be placed in concentration camps. A hippy is the most deplorable living dead in the world. they're not people, they are hippies!
#hippy #dippie #homesexual #stupid #shady #passive aggressive #loser #parasite
by green22 January 24, 2009
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