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Vacation Bible School
This summer, I was incharge of 8 kids at my church's VBS.
by guided fox June 30, 2005
Acronym for "Vicious Butt Sex".
"I went out with Emily last night..."
"Oh, yeah? Did you get any VBS?"
"No doubt I wanted it, but she wouldn't give it up. :("
by personwhodoesnotexist October 08, 2008
Vagina's Balls

A woman's privates with a little extra under neath.

see also: a bad surprise
see also: the end of a relationship

Damn Chelsea's having a Vb's day, that shit be hangin yo.
by JCchasez May 16, 2008
VBS is an acronym for verbal bitch slap. It is most commonly used as a verb.

To tell off an individual using a professional tone, correct grammar and big words. Also inflicting some kind of emotional pain that is surprising to the individual getting VBSed. Basically laying it down in a way that cannot provoke a hostile response, yet puts the individual into their place in an eloquent fashion. You've been lawyered and there is no words that can fight back.
Oh wow, you just totally VBSed him man!

You're so good at VBSing Jackie.

I am a professional VBSer.
by deedub85 September 01, 2010
Acronym that stands for "verbally bitch slapped". When people in higher authority send you messages via email that put you in your place. Typically something negative and downgrading, must be conveyed via email. VBS scored highly when CC-ed to deans, presidents, etc.
Todd totally just VBS-ed me about doing his job wrong.

Dude, I just got VBS-ed, again!
by Cassette de Prudy January 20, 2009
computer term-a script in which it can be programmed to do particular tasks. when opened it will perform these tasks.
also viruses or fake viruses can be made from them
someone sent me an email with a VBS attatchment, i opened it and it opened and said "this is a virus and u are gay"
by andale524 August 14, 2009
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