1. Workers unite to fight the man; the man is so damn powerful individuals have no chance, but if we all stick together, maybe we've got a chance to earn a decent wage.

2. The same organization gets people "taken off the schedule" because they won't give up 20% of their paycheck. See irony.
1. Thanks to the union for the 40 hour work week, health insurance, sick days...

2. This union extortion could turn a democrat into a republican
by disillusionment March 11, 2004
A democratic worker organization that enables employees to join together with one another in order to negotiate compensation, benefits, working conditions, and other terms of employment with their employer. Unions ensure that employers are 1) fair, 2) accountable and 3) responsive to employee concerns. Unions establish a process by which to deal with workplace issues and ensure that said process is applied evenly to employees.
By joining together with my coworkers to form a union, we fought for and won better benefits and a voice at work.
by Lboogie August 13, 2007
A group of workers coming together and demanding the right to collectively bargain with their employer (contract). Some like to think that unions are no longer relevant in this vibrant economy and that corporations are inherently good things that are good for workers. Yea? Well, rest assured that while you are trying to figure out how to pay that credit card bill this month that is slowly killing you, the boss does not have your problem. Oh yea, the work harder argument. Well, the folks that work the HARDEST in America earn the least. Unions are YOUR way out of having to ball lap your boss at work for a decent wage. You can make him negotiate a contract with you, you just have to join a UNION!
I am working my face off and I have not received a raise in about two fucking years. If I ask my boss for a raise he might laugh at me or worse. I guess I should talk to the rest of my miserable co-workers, join a union, and make this prick treat me with some dignity.
by Not the boss January 15, 2009
The folks that brought you the weekend
Unions brought us the weekend. And the 8-hour workday, and safe working conditions requirements, and fair pay for fair work, and protection from management harrassment
by Harry_Pothead5 November 06, 2009
Group of workers who work together for eachother. A certant percentage is taken out of the paycheck in order for it to work effectively. Before unions some people had to work 84 hour workweeks in dangerous minds, going to work in the dark and waking up in the dark 6 days a week; and by the end of the week owing the company money.
It was more like slavery than employment
by alec81484 March 13, 2005
Also known as Trade Union or Labour Union.

Workers bind together to form Unions so that they together can fight for better work conditions. Without the power of the Union workers would completely be at the mercy of the employers. But sticking together they got a better change to fight for their interests.
Thanks to the Unions we got a 40 hour work week.
by Vicotnic June 05, 2007
the only chance that you have at work! to get a fair shake! the only true friend that you can trust at the work place!
Because my work place doesn't have a union, I take it in the ass!
by ben-wah! April 03, 2003

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