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One of the most misunderstood people in the working world, from a white-collar workers point of view. Many are mechanics, electricians, and other technicians making $30-$40 an hour for jobs that most non-union employees would otherwise pay only half that much. Many union employers are those that reel you in and just let you go during the probationary period, even if you prove yourself hardworking and competent, but will keep the lazy and incompetent, just because they are friends with management or well-liked. If you have a blue-collar trade or skill, want to make a good wage, just want to put in a good 8 hours work a day, and no intention of trying to climb the corporate ladder, a union job is well-suited for you. And yes, many union workers are lazy shitbags that take numerous breaks and complain about everything, but there are many others that are honest, hardworking, and dedicated to their jobs. The union reps, with the backup of politicians and the mafia, are the ones who keep things going for the common working man. Many Republicans and conservatives dislike unions because they believe good money should be earned though merit and hard work and that anybody that does not have a college degree and works a skilled trade deserves just enough money to keep themselves fed and a roof over their head
by waspocoloredstain June 30, 2013
Useless in today’s workforce. The backbone of the Democrat party. The single biggest threat to corporate America. An antiquated union of organized laborers originally formed to protect laborers from unfair labor practices that now has turned into a demanding list of unreasonable promises from companies. Unions have become corrupt and now promote overpay, laziness and corruption for the intent of receiving unmerited benefits. The auto industry’s UAW has ruined the state of Michigan demanding high pay for unskilled work in a struggling industry. You often pay union dues and get NOTHING for your investment (no union representation when under corporate discipline). All unions do is bitch about corporate injustices and retaliate against the hand that feeds them by deliberately sitting on their asses or picketing, while hoping the company will give into their immature demands and pay them an unmerited higher wage. They want more pay for less skill, work and productivity. No wonder corporations don’t want a labor union. I hate them too. The labor union is detremental to corporate America and is the reason why the Rust Belt exists today. They are useless and antiquated.
I hate the unions. They are almost all bad.
by krock1dk May 29, 2008
People who banned together in union square. They often have an agressive relationship with each other yet still remain friends. They are a very tight knit group that don't allow anyone to mess with them. It's their group name. Union. is. a. state. of. mind.
Are you chilling with the "Union." today!?
Yes, as a matter of fact the Union. is waiting for me.
by observationgirl24 January 04, 2009
Known to be a group of closet-case men and their leader deemed the "fag-hag". They do not have friendships based on trust nor are they able to hold grudges against each other. However, they do choose a person as their target of interest. Also, they are known to hang out in the same places over and over again.
"So, where is Union. hanging today?"
"Where else? It's not like they hang anywhere else."
"True. Besides, they're all commanded by their one and only."
"Whipped . . ."
by crazysweetycoolbutracy2 January 12, 2009
n. One of the many scapegoats utilized by the GOP and other ignorant people to blame societal woes upon, namely a poor economy.

What these ignorant people do not understand is that unions are a major backbone of the United States' labor force.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 1 out of every 10 salary/wage earners is a unionized worker in America. This is not an insignificant statistic.

Workers need unions as much as ever—because most corporations focus on profit at the expense of employees. Employers are constantly trying to shed responsibilities— providing health insurance, good pension coverage, reasonable work hours and job safety protections, for example—while making workers' jobs and incomes less secure through downsizing, part-timing and contracting out. Working people need a voice at work to keep employers from making our jobs look like they did 100 years ago, with sweatshop conditions, unlivable wages and 70-hour workweeks.

Unions are a pivotal part of the American labor force. The only people that hate them are those who do not belong to one and are too lazy and/or afraid to join one (out of fear of their employer, who doesn't want to stop lining his pockets by taking a decrease in profits). So instead of campaigning for them, these ignoramuses fight against them.

Go figure.
Person 1: Hey Person 2, you work in the Electrical Workers Union, correct? It's people like you that are ruining our economy and destroying the foundation of America.

Person 2: Well if you consider earning a livable wage to provide for my family, living within my means, working under proper non-sweatshop conditions, acquiring a pension that I can survive off of when I retire, and not being afraid of getting bullied by my boss destroying the foundation of America, then call me a terrorist. Unions are terrible, aren't they?
by ThinkOfTheChildren July 10, 2011
An extremely ghetto town in Ohio known for its flawless drugs. Rich folk look down on Union folk. The poor folk that live there don't really care because they can just get their buddies and pound the rich folk.
Shoot man, I can't walk around Union right now. It's dark outside and I got money in pocket, I'll most likely get mugged.
by Jackie Bo Backie June 15, 2008
a college in Shcen-who the fuck knows how to write the rest of the fucking city.
yo there is so much snow around, it is cold, and poor people all over, despite that i am rich, i must be at union college
by clover April 07, 2003