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Euphamism for a person who was clearly 'prematurely' born.
A: whats up with Sally i heard she's deaf and blind?
B: yeah i think she's a bit undercooked
by riverintheroad March 30, 2011
(adj) For a person to be innocent and not have a dirty mind
(adj) It can also mean to have a small D
Emily: It's so hard!
Lisa: That's what she said...
Emily: What who said?
Lisa : Your so undercooked!
Felicia: Geez, his D is tiny! It's to undercooked!
by look away! July 14, 2015
To be really cool, and awesome
Juliana- "That shirt is really raw."
Daniel- "No, no, no, It's undercooked."
by DanielLovesJuliana69 May 25, 2011
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