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sex position. usually, the woman is on her back, while the man straddles her, penis bent back awkwardly, with his back facing her head. he then rides her like a horse.
It's unfortunate women love reverse cowboy as much as us men love reverse cowgirl, because it's so painful to bend our penises like that.
by Wendy Gregg September 25, 2011
A sex position whereby the man is lying on his back and the woman is on top riding his cock but facing in the opposite direction.
I'm so tired of the missionary position, let's try reverse cowboy. Giddie up girl, but damn, face the other way, you are ugly.
by JCE December 02, 2005
sexual position involving two men: one lying supine and the other on top facing away
He does a mean reverse cowboy
by Peter Glasscock April 17, 2008
Sexual position in which the guy lays on his back and the girl sits on his cock facing towards his feet. Tends to result in mild queefing.
Guy: I wanna watch TV while we do it.

Girl: So do I, so...

Guy: Okay, let's do a reverse cowboy.
by Plumsouffle March 08, 2010
Sexual position: Man on bottom, horse on top
The inequality of the infamous Mexican donkey show, can be equalized with the introduction of the Reverse Cowboy shows.
by Fisher S. Thompson August 30, 2007
When a person stands on the seat of a toilet in a stall, facing the wall, and deficates. From that angle it looks like they are riding the toilet.
Oh man he must be used to a squat toilet because I walked in on him doing the Reverse Cowboy - close the door motherfucker!
by karnakdave July 17, 2008
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