Acronym for Upper 'Tunda, which is slang for Upper Rotunda, meaning the second level of the Rotunda of the law school, a main gathering place for students, that overlooks the LoRo, or Lower Rotunda. The UT is complete with chairs that are falling apart and dangerous to sit in, and the UT also boasts an acoustic anomaly that lets you hear with great clarity any conversation or shit talking that is going on in the LoRo.
Meet me in the UT in 5 to study
I was sitting in the UT and overheard some shit going down in the LoRo
I looked around the UT for you but didn't see you at your regular spot
by sneakylawstudent February 14, 2008
describing an ugly female. usually a slut thats busted.
Anthony: Yo, did you see that ut?
Meghan: Yea, who would fuck that?
by hampton bays roxxx January 23, 2010
In addition to standing for University of Texas, in Canada it also stands for University of Toronto.
Let's go to UT at TO.
by K` May 25, 2005
"The University of Texas". A really shitty school that should not be attended unless absolutely necessary. People here are freaks. They have weird fetishes, avoid eye contact, and generally avoid conversation unless with close friends. It should definitely not be as high as it is in rankings. People who leave this university usually end up with low income careers.
Oh... you went to UT? I'm sorry I hear that place is a real hell hole.
by chnymnkr February 03, 2011
Something you say when somebody says or does something extremely stupid or tells a really stupid joke.
Person 1: You're a piglet!
Person 2: Piglet?? UT!

Person 1: You're a commom sense-impared person!
Person 2: UT!!!
by anonymous December 30, 2003
The word 'ut' is mainly used in Yorkshire. It is part of the dialect.

It is a short way of saying 'of the'.
Passion ut Christ

The Number ut Beast

by Ashman June 03, 2006
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