Oot is a word derived from Ian saying UT! when he saw the abbreviation of Utah when looking at <Coheed and Cambria> tour dates. Anything causing extreme pleasure or joy is UT!
Man, that Bitch is so UT!

Brand New is one UT band!
by Emrys April 08, 2004
UT is the University of Tennessee (est 1794), not the University of Texas (est 1883). UT was a school before Texas was a state...a state in whice Tennessee founded I might add. The University of Texas was refered to as 'TU' (and still is by UT and Texas A&M)until they decided how much cooler UT sounded and decided that is what they wanted their school to be called. TU has attempted to steal UT's logos (the interlocked UT symbol and the Power T),and colors (TU is burnt orange and white while UT is hunting orange and white. UT was also orange and white first), and traditions even though Tennessee was voted #1 football weekend by Sports Illistrated in 2005, and UT's sporting facilities seat more people and sell more tickets annually than any TU sport. I'm surprised they haven't changed their school fight song to Rocky Top. UT is the University of Tennessee. Get your facts right bitches. Don't believe me...go to UTsports.com
Rocky Top you'll always be,
home sweet home to me (and the REAL UT),
good ole Rocky Top,
Rocky Top, Tennessee
#tennessee #dixie #volunteers #davy crockett #same houston
by Alan Parks April 04, 2006
I would have to agree with Mr. Parks, UT is the University of Tennessee. Tennessee did everything before Texas did. Texas has been following in Tennessee's footsteps for years. The University of Tennessee existed first, was orange and white first, and went undefeated and won a national championship with a black quarterback first. Considering the history of the University of Texas we can predict the future. The Longhorns will start two freshman quarterbacks this coming season, and go 5-6 the following season. They will then hire a Jewish basketball coach from the north and he will be very succuessful. And another note, the Vols are 3-1 all time versus Texas. Two of those wins occuring in the Lone Star State, one being the Cotton Bowl. Tennessee's men's and women's basketball teams both beat Texas in 2005. God Bless the Vols
Tennessee can mess with Texas, because we founded the state. UT is in one place and one place only, Knoxville, Tennessee.
#vols #tennessee #knoxville #nashville #sam houston
by Forrest Jackson May 25, 2006
School in texas where asians are the majority. Asians love this school because it is liberal. Liberals like gay sex, therefore, asians like gay sex. UT campus smells like big foot's dick.
1 out of 3 million asians who attend UT: "Me chinese, me go to UT, me like gay sex"
#texas #longhorns #t.u. #fags #homo #gay
by ron burgandy the 4th April 10, 2008
A college located in Austin, Texas. It offers many fine degrees and programs; these include BAs in Taking-a-Dump, Wiping-Your-Ass, Drooling, Patting-the-Back-of-Your-Hand-and-Mooing, Whittling and Masturbating-and-Eating-It. BS degrees are available in such fields as Boasting-About-UT-Business and Staying-at-College-For-10-Years-Because-You -Can't-Deal-With-Real-Life. Our music program is second-to-none and people come from all over the world to study the jug at UTTT.

UT stands out as the first colleges to accept on Special Education types with an IQ of less than sixty.

In social terms, UT is a remarkable place with many activities (such as the college's famous Synchronised Drooling Team and the national champion Hur-Hurring Squad) and opportunities for meeting and making friends, such as the famous Friday Night Cousin Fuck and our Spring Break Knock-Your-Sister-Up Party.
If you're an inbred redneck pig-fucker who can't read but wants to get you one of them there edumucations, UT is the place for you!
No-one ever passes at UT because they all take dumps everywhere like a bunch of goddamn treach-monkeys
by LonghornKiller April 15, 2005
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