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Under The Skin. Used as a replacement name for someone who is often annoying or has annoying tendencies.
Lloyd is often annoying or does annoying things!. He can now be called UTS instead of his real name until he no longer gets under your skin.
by Jon_Gus March 17, 2006
UTS is the University of Technology, Sydney - not to be mistaken for the University of Sydney. UTS is known for a few things, including:

1. Being a University without an Arts department, putting all liberal arts subjects under the banner of 'Communications' because that's more technology-centric.

2. The chant 'S.L.U.T.S' which stands for 'The Student League of UTS' - an organisation that was eventually removed by the union due to the chant.

3. Having enough breaks in every Engineering lecture so that the engineers have time to go the bar and get another drink.

4. A complete lack of internet and/or phone reception in the entire campus.

5. The Tower Building - the ugliest building in Sydney.
UTS Engineering Student 1: "I was too drunk to find the University this morning - I ended up at Haymarket campus by mistake"
UTS Engineering Student 2: "I hate it when that happens. Normally I just look for the Tower Building and use it as a beacon"
UTS Engineering Student 1: "Yeah, but it hurts my eyes"
by SykeKat May 29, 2011
Unexpected Tomato Syndrome.
When a shy and confused individual turns bright red similar to that of a tomato in colour when put under pressure or when they know that everyone is looking at them and they are the centre of attention. Often stimulated and triggered by smoking excessive amounts of marjuanna.
Friend: Yo man why u got UTS all of a sudden?!
UTS boy: Nah man allow it rub my ears so it goes away.
by josh thomson February 28, 2011
An abbreviation for the sexual act of, Up The Shitter (meaning anal sex). A sounding call to other males in the workplace to the fitties that have come to make a purchase.

This abbreviation is used by ,mostly, the male employees in customers services and and sales advisory roles, when a desirable female or females enters, and is the act they would like to perform on them. Thus alerting other colleagues to the hotties that have entered the work place.

Can also be used to see if the Missus fancies a change of hole.
1. Marie, a hot, large busted girl, walks up to the counter to pay for her items, when Brian lets out the tourettes like noise "UTS". Bemused yet unfazed Marie continues with her purchase, but does notice the other males in the office are now all smiling.

2. Mike sits bored after counting his wads of cash. He turns to his spouse Carol and utters "UTS". Carols eye's light up and she willingly lifts her skirts, pulls her panties to one side, revealing her rusty starfish to Mike. Mike smiles and spit on his hand and sets to work on boring out Carols now aching ringpiece.
by the real sweet-a-bix December 14, 2011
Acronym for Urban That Shit; when an odd, slang, or generally unknown phrase is said to someone, with the person resorting to Urban Dictionary to find out what was just told to them.
Katie: Sup Kev?
Kev: Playing Black Ops! It's boss!
Katie: SMH

Kev: SMH? I gotta UTS!
by LuLuBee November 18, 2010
UTS: University of Sydney, controversially suggested to be the best university in Sydney, as unlike it's neighbour (cough Sydney Uni), it doesn't pretend to be a swanky, British cast-off, but instead actually attempts to teach things that would benefit a person living in Australia.

Known by other uni's through the heart-warming, loving chant of S-L-U-T-S; UTS, has come to be seen as the forefront of technical innovation within uni's, to the extent that, when enrolling for subjects, it usually only takes between 36-72 hours to log onto the server.
Student #1: UTS is the greatest university ever!
Student #2: Yeah, I've finally enrolled in my subjects for next year, the server wasn't even as flooded as usual, so it only took me 2 and a half days!
Sydney Uni student: S-L-U-T-S!!!
by 36hours November 24, 2009
Short for: Useless To Society.

Person, Animal or object that is quite pathetic at everything.
That girl cant sing, dance, drive or even do her job. She is such a UTS
by HeyJesse July 29, 2010
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