USC is the University of South Carolina...yes the original USC. everyone knows that u gotta have the cock before you got the trojan....go gamecocks
USC rocks! go gamecocks!
by gamecock girl! March 15, 2005
University of Stupid Children
For example, used in the sentence "All the mentally retarded kids went to the University of Stupid Children" located in southern california.
by UCLA January 19, 2005
USC is no longer the University of Second Choice. They are just the Ugly Sluts College now. The only thing to be proud of at SC is OJ Simpson, drive by shootings, an overpriced... umm, well, it's not exactly education, and lots and lots of ugly kids. Football... that's the only positive aspect. Cheer for them if you wanna dress up in ketchup and mustard.
You can't spell SUCK without USC.
by Eaz October 14, 2005
USC is ranked number 30 overall in the nation by US News. UCLA is ranked number 25 and Cal is ranked number 21.

Congratulations on your freshman class. It's too bad that most of SC's student body was rejected by UCLA and had to settle for the old private school in the ghetto.

And congratulations on beating a lowly UCLA football team by only five points. You won't be saved by the refs against Oklahoma.
I really wanted to go to UCLA, but they didn't accept me. Now I go to USC where I risk being shot at by the gang members from across the street. But hey, how about that freshman class? We're movin' on up.
by Trojankiller December 06, 2004
University of Spoiled Children
yeah, that's guy's a DK, he's going to USC.
by la unica July 05, 2005
The worst school in California, where the quality of undergrad education is inversely proportional to the amount of "tuition" paid to live in the armpits of LA and get raped by frat boys.
UCLA looks down on USC. UC Berkeley looks down on USC. UCSD looks down on USC. Even Harvey Mudd looks down on USC.
by UCSD > USC April 15, 2005
University of Skanks and Cranks
USC is in the ghetto!
by Tigeruppercut April 07, 2005

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