Alma mater of Paige Laurie, a spoiled sorority brat who tried to buy her diploma at U$C, but still couldn't escape the long arm of the law!
Ms Laurie, whose late grandfather Bud Walton was the co-founder of Wal-Mart, graduated from USC with a bachelor’s degree in communications.

Her alleged fraud began one night during her first term in 2000, when she paid Ms Martinez $25 to write an essay for her while she spent the evening at a party.
by Justice for USC April 21, 2005
A famous private university in Southern California, whose academic and athletic reputation is overshadowed by a silly rivalry that they have with another excellent school, UCLA. Most students don't really care, but the playfulness of the rivalry is ruined by a minority of mean-spirited killjoys on either side.
USC idiot: Hey UCLA! We've risen 50 places in the US News and world report rankings! We'll probably beat your sorry asses this year!
UCLA idiot: Well, at least I don't go to a university that really stands for University of Spoiled Children. Hur hur GET IT?
by Dank the man July 10, 2008
United States Code

The laws of the federal government established by Congress.
26 USC is the federal income tax code, or the Internal Revenue Code (IRC)
by Jon Davis January 14, 2004
University of South Carolina
Located in Columbia, South Carolina
by Ashlenian February 27, 2005
University of Second Choice
Self explanatory unless you are from USC.
by UCLA January 19, 2005
Also known as U$C. Very overrated. And their marching band can only play one song.
U$C is hated not only by UCLA, but also Stanford and Cal. And pretty much any other school
by Jill November 22, 2004
USC is no longer the University of Second Choice. They are just the Ugly Sluts College now. The only thing to be proud of at SC is OJ Simpson, drive by shootings, an overpriced... umm, well, it's not exactly education, and lots and lots of ugly kids. Football... that's the only positive aspect. Cheer for them if you wanna dress up in ketchup and mustard.
You can't spell SUCK without USC.
by Eaz October 14, 2005

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