Alma mater of Paige Laurie, a spoiled sorority brat who tried to buy her diploma at U$C, but still couldn't escape the long arm of the law!
Ms Laurie, whose late grandfather Bud Walton was the co-founder of Wal-Mart, graduated from USC with a bachelor’s degree in communications.

Her alleged fraud began one night during her first term in 2000, when she paid Ms Martinez $25 to write an essay for her while she spent the evening at a party.
by Justice for USC April 21, 2005
University of Southwick at Cotter Homes Ghetto degree of hustling in Louisville, Ky
Wasup pimp, get your degree at USC?
by bling December 15, 2003
United States Code

The laws of the federal government established by Congress.
26 USC is the federal income tax code, or the Internal Revenue Code (IRC)
by Jon Davis January 14, 2004
University of South Carolina
Located in Columbia, South Carolina
by Ashlenian February 27, 2005
University of Second Choice
Self explanatory unless you are from USC.
by UCLA January 19, 2005
The worst school in California, where the quality of undergrad education is inversely proportional to the amount of "tuition" paid to live in the armpits of LA and get raped by frat boys.
UCLA looks down on USC. UC Berkeley looks down on USC. UCSD looks down on USC. Even Harvey Mudd looks down on USC.
by UCSD > USC April 15, 2005
University of Stupid Children
For example, used in the sentence "All the mentally retarded kids went to the University of Stupid Children" located in southern california.
by UCLA January 19, 2005

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