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The worst school in California, where the quality of undergrad education is inversely proportional to the amount of "tuition" paid to live in the armpits of LA and get raped by frat boys.
UCLA looks down on USC. UC Berkeley looks down on USC. UCSD looks down on USC. Even Harvey Mudd looks down on USC.
by UCSD > USC April 15, 2005
897 790
University of Spoiled Children
yeah, that's guy's a DK, he's going to USC.
by la unica July 05, 2005
299 195
University of Skanks and Cranks
USC is in the ghetto!
by Tigeruppercut April 07, 2005
383 285
The University of South Carolina, everything Clemson isn't, better than Georgia, a Southerner's dream and a Northerner's wish, Florida's worst nightmare, Gamecock Pride, The Garnet and Black, Five Points, the ultimate college experience and a place that gets in your blood and stays with you forever.
I applied to the REAL USC The University of South Carolina.
by Kbennett December 09, 2005
378 288
USC (abbr.)

1. University of Stupid Cunts
2. University of Smelly Cocks
3. University of Sin City
4. University of Second Choice
I got rejected from a community college, but got into USC.
by Jackoff November 24, 2005
378 288
Shops in the UK selling clothes mainly to scallies although they do have some other stuff which is almost respectable.
Shit mate, where did you get that lacoste shirt?
I got it down USC in the Arndale centre.
by The G June 14, 2004
181 91
The greatest place ever.
Everyone who doesn't get in feels so bad about themselves that they have to write derogatory urbandictionary.com definitions about it.
"Did you get into USC?"
"Yea! Did you?"
"No .. fuck now I have to go to UCLA."
"Dude ... that blows."
by Needs a name December 28, 2007
172 94