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The proper spelling of 'USC', the University of Southern California, after a 2007 scandal involving over $280,000 in cash, rent and gifts were given to former player Reggie Bush and his family.

May also be used to refer to the rich, spoiled students that attend the school.
It was awesome when the UCLA Bruins beat U$C Trojans 13-9.
by AnonJudicator September 05, 2009
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An alternate way to write USC, the University of Southern California. This was brought on when it was discovered that Reggie Bush, USC's Heisman-winning running back, was getting paid to play there. Usually used by USC haters.
Washington fan: Lol, U$C got pwned by Oregon State.
USC fan: Lol, look who's been in the BCS Title bowl for the last two years.
by Jal402 November 28, 2006
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