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These are standard toppings for burgers & hot dogs. Nobody knows why it isn't the default toppings. Fast Food restaurants nowadays poop out these weird tomatoe, onion, lettuce toppings.

I don't want a fucking salad, I just want my god damn burger! It's not a fucking science.
Ex. 1 - the working man's fight:

(Frank) Can I have a cheeseburger, ketchup and mustard only, nothing else on it?
(five minutes later)
(Frank) WTF I paid for a burger and all you gave me were mustard and ketchup packets...

Ex. 2 - The Restaurant Enigma:

(Bob) Could I have my burger with mustard and ketchup only?
(Waitress) Oh, yes, I'll bring you a bottle of ketchup and a bottle of mustard!
(Bob) No, can you have the chef put the ketchup and mustard on? I hate having to squeeze that shit out and it takes forever. I kind of just want to eat, you know?
(Waitress) Oh, we don't do that! It's not our policy!
(Bob) Fuck your policy, it's called customer service!
by Nova><Master October 29, 2006
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