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University of Southwick at Cotter Homes Ghetto degree of hustling in Louisville, Ky
Wasup pimp, get your degree at USC?
by bling December 15, 2003
The Honkey Texan Bastard that has put our wonderous country into a huge debt and was a brilliant boy in college. The best thing about him is he started a war with dictator that was allegedly keeping chemical weapons. In the end it was all for the OIL. Personal I think he can go f*** himself and bail hay or something
George W. Bush is a cow tippin hilly billy we need a president not a farmer
by bling September 07, 2004
A gay man who likes to ass bang
Look at those two butt jousters over there
by bling December 15, 2003
The top guy at a Japanese automotive supplier who, like the leader of Afghanistan, has no real power. Instead, power is in the hands of the warlords of the country, the Yellas
Karzai got overruled by the Yellas again
by Bling September 03, 2004
An engineer responsible for only 2 fixtures, who, when faced with a stressful situation, squeezes the trigger of an imaginary gun and talks to himself
Herc must be planning his escape route by walking around the building
by Bling September 03, 2004
device used to make illicit substances easier to enter in to the blood stream
put those rocks into my grinder
by bling December 01, 2003
i'm not racist but I think rapers should get rid of their gimp stereotypes like gangsters and thug life and all that detritus
bloods attaching crips
by bling May 05, 2005

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