The vagina of a dirty whore.
your mom
by KiLlJoYtHeClOwN January 08, 2003
An Incorrectly pronounced form of "Twitter," usually used by those who haven't yet evolved from using AIM and are still getting used to the chat feature on Myspace.
"What site is that? Tweeter?"

"It's Twitter, asshole."
by Rachaelmalice April 13, 2010
When your underwear accidentally wedges it self between your butt crack making it uncomfortable (usually happens at really awkward times like in public) for you and you have to manually pull it back out.
People started staring at me when i unplugged my underwear out of my butt crack, but that tweeter was killing me.
by eric edub December 11, 2011
someone tweeting there every act and movement during there day
today garrison bumstead of bumsteads bicycles tweeted that he was shitting and then he wiped his ass therefore "tweeters"
by shagahoe October 24, 2009
Tweeter ~ a Tweeter is a yellow vehicle of some sort. You can use tweeters in a game. Upon seeing a Tweeter, yell, "Tweeter!!" and keep score of who finds the most. This can commonly be played with the game Pdiddle.
"Yesterday we were driving down the highway and I saw six Tweeters while Harold only found 2!"
by Magglz6767 February 20, 2009
An incredibly small penis.
He has a tweeter, that's why he drives such a woofer of a truck.
by JazzZilly May 28, 2007
It is what you call your weiner if you wanna be all cool about it.
"Girl, don't you dare lay a finger on my tweeter!"
by Bobby Saggs March 13, 2006

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