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A person who uses their good looks, charm, and humour (if they posess it) to dominate others. He/she navigates the social or business world with the perception of having everything under control. Generally coming in at the lead, the top dog exerts a wide circle of influence around themselves.

Historically a male, recent times have seen the emergence of female top dogs as well.
"How does she doe it, she's a real top dog."
"I felt a little emasculated by that comment, but it's OK because I know she is joking."

*for male specific examples, see other definitions.
by pavicnat May 08, 2009
Feeling nostalgic for a time which you didn't experience. Nostalgiosity is a combination of the words "Nostalgia" and "Curiosity". It is used in contexts where you would be nostalgic but it is logically impossible for you to be because you were simply not there. Your feeling of nostalgia is therefore not real, and is more similar to curiosity. What you are are actually feeling is a kind of curious nostalgia, nostalgiosity.

Nostalgiosity is by definition only experienced by the younger generation. In general, their views are do not represent accurately the times which they are referring to, and often times the things they feel nostalgiostic about are simply wrong. Hence, nostalgiosity is a very generation specific feeling that relates to how the olden times must "appear" to the newer generation. Nostalgiosity about a specific time cannot be felt by the original generation.
"I am experiencing nostalgiosity for the 60s. Those were great times. All that revolution, freedom, love. It must have been wonderful to listen to Bob Dylan while singing along with others barefoot in the grass, trying to tame the long hair you took so much care to grow."

"Wow I wish I grew up in the middle ages. Then I would be knight and I would be chivalrous, and I would yearn for my pricness and fight in jousting matches for her. Those must have been heroic times"

"I'm feeling nostalgiostic for the early days of video games. I would have loved to be hacking pong machines, and taming space invaders on the Atari. Or putting together scrap metal to make arcade games. Wow, those were the times."
by pavicnat January 09, 2012
One who tweets.
Are you a tweeter like me?

Hello fellow tweeters!
Dear tweeters, today is not a good day.
by pavicnat April 27, 2012
When you miss an opportunity to befriend someone because you simply didn't recognize that they were trying to be friendly. You wanted to be friends, but through your own social-retardation you turned them away, only to realize later what you have done, and to damn yourself. This kind of behaviour can leave well meaning but socially retarded people lonely and friendless. They just don't know what they're doing wrong, but everyone else does. In a world were perception is reality, they must adjust how they behave to change how they are seen.

The world of the friend-failed is unfortunate. They have every intention to befriend but they missed social queue. The friend-failed often have to undergo social boot camp, including instructions from their friends and others who are more socially adept at interactions than they are. The friend-failed would do well to heed the advice of their companions and those around them, including their parents, to whom they probably weren't listening, and that's why they're socially retarded in the first place.
"oh gees I totally friend-failed today, I told that person I didn't want to go see a movie for them but I didn't give them an excuse. I just said 'nah i don't want to see it'. They probably think I'm a deuche"

"I just totally friend failed, I haven't attended 10 invitations in a row to party by this girl. She'll never ask me again, I've lost my access to this new social circle entierly."

"Who doesn't wanna party? Why didn't I say yes? I'm a social retard, I just friend-failed."
by pavicnat January 09, 2012

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