Silent, but deadly fart
Boqueefa why did you tweeter at the supper table?
A one hitter you smoke marijuana out of…or a small bowl you smoke by yourself or with only a few friends.
hey, it's just us get the tweeter.
by Dani Lynne June 26, 2006
a rolled and folded peice of paper that is shot from a rubberband at high speeds leaves welts they hurt!
dang! that tweeter left a welt
by slm2nun March 05, 2005
It's a bird with a mask. He hops. Try to get on top of his head.

Hates most vegetables and fruits.
Cannot fly, despite having wings.
Known to live extremly long lifetimes.
Extremely rare in the wild.
Holy shit I just got my ass hopped to death by a TWEETER!
by Saint Tweeter May 26, 2004
A very annoying, small mouthed punk.
You are such a Tweeter!!!
by Itola um papa moaw moaw December 11, 2007
the tweeter is a rolled up peice of paper that is folded in half and then launched by rubberband, they hurt like hell if u are hit by one on the skin
fuck i just got shot with a tweeter
by Slm-2-nun March 03, 2005
A company taking over many music venues and music stores around the country.
"The concert was at the Tweeter Center."
by Commonwealth1325 October 21, 2003

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