an adjective to describe anything that is cool, or good in some way.
guy1:"My dad did the voice for Jimmy Neutron"
guy2:"That's so turkey!"
by A-town&VOG February 27, 2013
One who is not quite a dangus, but nor a dingus. Eaten frequently on Franksgiving. He's quite the floppy fellow, and can't fly high like an eagle.
Dangus 1: That dangle is such a turkey.
Dangus 2: I know, he doesn't even have his own prizza oven.
Dangus 1: What a turkey.
by The guy with no dangus November 24, 2011
Turkey is an acronym for Tearin Up Rookies Killin Every Youngin
Mark Gasol is going turkey on the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight.
by Budaman June 12, 2011
An amazingly hot guy, particularly of Mediterranean, and more specifically from Italy. Knows how to sail a boat and drive a vespa like it's his job. Ideally, an amazing lover, deserving of a super hot and brilliant girlfriend, worthy of his stuffing and gobble.
look at that FINE turkey...i heard he's from rome!
by tacchina May 02, 2011
a source of food, dead or alive. Mostly eating during thanksgiving or christmas
Throw dead turkeys in joeys yard is fun
by GOD December 16, 2002
noun \ˈtər-kē\

A great girl; one who is smart, funny, charismatic, caring, and loving; one who will never stop supporting her school, peers, or mascot, no matter the consequences; the embodiment of what Ben Franklin hoped would be America's mascot: a symbol of peace and of thanksgiving.
Look at that girl! She never gives up, never fails to help her friends, and never stops voting. What a turkey!
by LOUDturkey2013 March 13, 2013
noun: the action of using a thumb to provide manual stimulation of the vagina, called the "turkey" because the four fingers look like tail-feathers and the thumb a turkey's head when executed properly.
-So I got my thumb up in there and she loved it.
-Dude, you gave her the turkey?
by Notapussy August 28, 2009

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