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Turkey is a very beautiful land, where is wished to have by greek and armenian. when the first turkish people came to Anatolia(1071), there weren't any Greece or Armenia. There was only Roman empire. Turks took the land from Byzantium. and they did same thing, what Roman empire did. instead of Christianity conveyed Islam. But not use the same method. In Roman empire almost all people had to be christian. on the other hand in Ottoman empire the greek and armenian could live as christians after 600 years.(Greeks don't like Turks empires, but they are proud of Alexander the great and Roman empire.) Those days Europe was in the middle age. Turks brought the science and culture of east to the Europe. Europe had forgotten their old greek philosopher and learned again from Arabic. then Europe became modern, scientific and powerful, and began to colonize the world. the Ottoman empire were no more powerful and scientific and finished his time like the Roman empire, and was collapsed by Atatürk and Turks like the Roman empire. Now Turks had to fight against colonization, and won the war against England, Greece, French, Italy and Ottoman empire. Most of These loser lands don't like the Turks. The Greece want to the west Turkey, Armenia want to the east, and for 20 years because of the Europe's will the Kurds want to take southeast Turkey. Turks have lived for almost 1000 year in Anatolia, and here is their Home. If all people should go, where their grandfather came, then all people should go to the Africa, from where the first human came. These all are now past. The age of wars must be finished. We must learn to live together. Peace in Home, Peace in The world(Atatürk).
Turkey is an Eurasian country.
by evolution April 07, 2008
A bird that can't tweet.
Turkey cannot tweet, because Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Or if you are dyslexic, Pro Gay Centipede Ray) banned it's usage and access.
by DildoBob March 27, 2014
Turkey is a country that's in Asia and Europe - awesome, I know.
A: You should go to Turkey
B: Wheres that?
A: Uhhh...
by rfgjhiuahga December 26, 2011
A country which is the successor of the sixth largest empire of the world, the Ottoman Empire.

The official motto of the state is "Peace at home, peace in the world".

Also Turkish citizens are being accused of genocides and invasions by a nation who is an official invader in Karabakh, Azerbaijan.
(Turkey)Turkish: Have you ever realized that you are an invader nation?

Armenian: Ooops!
by crebyo November 23, 2010
A turkey,turkey high five, or a turkey sub, is when person A offers a high five to person B, and person A changes his high-five to a thumbs up before person B returns the high five. This causes a high ive that looks like a high five. Person A then shouts, "TURKEY!!!" and laughs while it takes a while for person B to get it.
Bob: High five, Carl!
Carl: ...
Bob: TURKEY!!!!
Carl: .....
Carl: Ohhhhhhhh... I get it...
by Macoronikevin April 24, 2008
Its small part is in Europe and other part is in Asia, so Turkey can be called a Eurasian country.

Geographically, if United Kingdom is in the center of the world, maybe can be said Turkey is a part of Middle East , but not Arabic or Islamic country like most other Middle Easy countries.

Culturally, Turkey totally belongs to Europe. Istanbul is a part of Europe. Its history, the empires on it, buildings; a lot of things show this.

Nowadays, Turkey is trying to take the leadership of MiddleEast andgetting stronger against Israel and more, thinking of to end the occupation to Palastine.

And one day, Turkey will be called as Turkiye. Not this word.
Turkey will be a part of European Union next year.
by CursedChico September 13, 2011
A secret spazz. A turkey is someone who has the appearance of being calm and even borderline monotonous, but just when you think they've fallen asleep with their eyes open, they bust a cringe-worthy dance move, make a psycho face, or a variety of other random shenanigans that will probably cause you to laugh with them. See also dingus.
Guy1: Dude, that swoll guy, Matt, over there is so chill. I don't even think he has emotions. Is he even blinking?
Guy2: No way broseph, he's a straight turkey!
by A Credible Source June 15, 2015

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