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3 blow jobs in one night
Ya, I gave him a bj, he came three times, it's like a turkey in bowling
Gobble, gobble
by Pussykatturkey October 19, 2010
when you sneak up behind someone and shove your fingers between their legs and lift them up.
Man #2: ouch, what the hell?!
Man #1: You've just been turkeyed.
by shockey19 May 19, 2010
A slang term for a recent Irish immigrant. It is used primarily in Boston, particularly in the Dorchester, Brighton and Southie neighborhoods.

The term is actually rather old fashioned and has its roots in Irish immigrants being duped into buying turkey which they thought was pork, and paying pork prices for it.
Look at those turkeys over there drinking Lucozade.
by pamboo9 May 23, 2007
A user of the Flying Turkey message board.
Look at those Turkeys post.
by Magus December 11, 2004
A person or thing who has done something stupid, wrong, moronic or plain dumb.

Dublin slang for idiot, fool, moron etc...
You couldn't remember last night? You're such a turkey.
by hahayeturkey July 25, 2011
The best spirit in the world
Fancy some turkey?
by mike July 14, 2003
beiing aturkey involves havin the characturistics of a turkey, these involve..being lazy, slow, careless, and also coming off with silly remarks and or forgetting what u are talking about half way through a sentence..
by TheTurth94 June 29, 2011